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We're proud of the service we provide. Many of our customers tell us how much they appreciate how the thinkmoney Personal Account has helped them.

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02-Jun-2014Excellent ++Service rating : I like the way my money is managed
Product : my account is ran so efficently
18-Apr-2014Good +Service rating : its ok but needs improving, lower rate phone line or free phone would be better. Emergency contact for when your account locks its self over bank holidays, or automated account recovery which would at least give limeted access to you account
Product : can never access it on bank holidays , the online system asks to many questions you can not remember the answers too. always the same every bank holiday including today , good Friday
27-Mar-2014Good +Service rating : Thinkmoney is good as it works for me. It would be excellent if it was free but nothing comes for free in this world.
Product : My personal account works brilliant for me as i know all my bills are paid and what is on my card is for me to spend on the things i need, and a few things i want.
12-Mar-2014Excellent ++Service rating : I am very happy with the service ....
Product : I am very happy with the service ....
18-Feb-2014Excellent ++Service rating : i have been with you a long time now had no probl
Product : very good service
06-Feb-2014Bad --Service rating : Please close my account as I keep requesting
Product : Rediculous
05-Feb-2014Good +Service rating : Good but they have had problems which has meant transactions being delayed & when I have called I have always had long hold times.
Product : Good but I have had problems with website access at times
04-Feb-2014Good +Service rating : good
Product : good
04-Feb-2014Excellent ++Service rating : Customer services are excellent whether by phone, text or email or online.
Product : Very easy to use, never had a problem with any aspect of money management whilst using this account.
03-Feb-2014Bad --Service rating : Extremely fed up with having to wait over 20 minutes for someone to answer the phone.
Issues with my new expiry date has meant a direct debt wasn't collected ergo a £10 charge for late payment and who decided it was a good idea to put white writing on the back of a yellow cash card. I can't see telephone numbers.
Product : As above. Due to all these reasons I am leaving Think Money and getting a current account with Santander.