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Switching to thinkmoney

A simple switch - for money better managed

Switching your bank account to thinkmoney couldn't be easier. We don't even need to check your credit rating - all you have to do is complete an application form and prove your identity before we can open your account.

To get started, apply below. One of our advisers will be in touch to tell you exactly what you need to do to complete your switch to a thinkmoney Personal Account.

Your security is important to us, which is why we need you to prove your identity and address. We can usually verify these over the phone, but we may need to see some actual documents which we'll explain when you apply.

Once we've opened your account, we'll give you your new account number and sort code. Simply give these to your employer (or benefits providers) so that they know to pay the money into your new thinkmoney account. Then tell us when we can expect your first income into the account and we'll help you to organise all your standing orders and Direct Debits.

Switch to an award-winning account

We're one of just a few accounts to be awarded a 4-star rating by Fairbanking, which recognises financial products that help people manage their money. They said the thinkmoney Personal Account "contains multiple features to help customers manage their money better - increasing the customer's control over their spending".
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To take advantage of all the great benefits thinkmoney has to offer, use our online application form to start the switch or give us a call on 0161 672 8910.