Open our bankrupt bank account alternative

A practical alternative to a bankrupt bank account

We believe that a bad credit history should not prevent someone from having access to financial products and excellent customer service. So what if we told you that we have an account for people going through the process of bankruptcy?

We are not a bank. We don't invest your money or lend it out to other people. What we do is offer an alternative to a high street bank account, designed to help you live within your means and get every bill paid on time. Since it stops you accidentally spending money that you need for life's essentials, it can help you avoid any further damage to your credit rating as it slowly recovers from the impact of bankruptcy.

And it's available. Even if you're an undischarged bankrupt, you can apply for a thinkmoney Current Account - a practical alternative to a bankruptcy bank account.

An account for bankrupts - and everyone else!

Our account isn't just for bankrupts. It can appeal to anyone who wants some professional help with budgeting, whether they know it's not their strongpoint or they just don't have enough time to do it properly.

It's actually two accounts in one: a 'Salaries' account for essential costs and a 'Card' account for your spending money. A team of Money Managers are there to ensure all the essential bills you've told us about are paid from your Salaries account before they transfer the rest of your money to your Card account.

In other words, you'll know you can spend everything on your Card account without worrying that you're spending money you need for things like your rent, mortgage or utility bills.

You won't have to worry about unexpected charges either. We won't charge you for rejected or missed payments - and with our experts making sure your bills are paid on time, you shouldn't get any late-payment charges from people like your utility supplier, your landlord or your phone company.

Will I be accepted?

Even if you've been turned down for a bank account elsewhere, we could help. We don't run any credit checks, which is one thing that makes this account a realistic alternative to a bankrupt bank account.

As long as you're 18 or over and resident in the UK, you can apply for our bankruptcy bank account alternative - the thinkmoney Current Account - today.

Application process for our account

The process is straightforward. When you phone us or get a callback from our team, we'll run an identity check. This is not a credit check. It's an essential part of preventing fraud and protecting your identity - and your finances.

Your adviser will tell you which documents you need - and as soon as we've received your signed application form, we'll open your account.

There's no initial fee. No credit check. No unexpected charges.

Just a flat fee of £10 per month, or £15 for a joint account.

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