Important information about your PayPal Direct Debit


General Finance

As you know on the 18th November thinkmoney changed its sort code, as part of a number of improvements to our service.

When a firm changes its sort code, payments are automatically re-routed to the new sort code. All billing firms (known as Direct Debit originators) are notified of the change, but don’t need to do anything.

We have established that PayPal has instead set up a new Direct Debit on your thinkmoney account and they will claim against the new mandate in future. For the time being, the new Direct Debit mandate will show with a value of £0, but we will update this in the next few days so that your budgeting is unaffected. Please note that PayPal mandates appear as “JPMC” which is the originator name they use.

Please do not take any action – there is no need to cancel either Direct Debit mandate (unless you want to stop paying the firm). We are working to resolve this issue on your behalf.

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