New UK speeding fines from April 2017


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It can be tempting to speed up a little if you're late for an appointment or desperately want to get home after a long day at work. However, tougher punishments are coming in for drivers that speed in England and Wales.

You can now face fines of up to 175% of your weekly income if you're caught driving well over the speed limit. The Sentencing Council said it wanted a "clear increase in penalty" as a result of serious offences increasing. 

To make sure you know what's changing, we're taking you through the new speeding penalties.

What's changing?

From 24 April 2017, you'll face higher penalties if you drive way over the speed limit.

You'll face a fine if you're caught driving at the following recorded speeds:

Speed limit (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)


21 – 30

31 – 40



31 – 40

41 – 50



41 – 55

56 – 65



51 – 65

66 – 75



61 – 80

81 – 90



71 – 90

91 – 100



Band A

Band B

Band C

The penalties work out as a percentage of your weekly income. Drivers that fall into Band A will face a fine between 25% and 75% of their weekly wage. Those that fall into Band B can expect to pay between 75% and 125% of their weekly income – and could also get points on their licence.

The maximum penalty you could face is between 125% and 175% of your weekly pay (capped at £1,000 or £2,500, depending on the type of road you're caught speeding on). You could also face a ban from driving for up to 56 days or get six points on your licence if your offence falls into Band C.

The new speeding penalties will replace the existing level of 100% of a driver's weekly pay.

What does this mean for me?

You will now face tougher penalties if you drive way above the speed limit in England and Wales. However, these new penalties shouldn't affect you if you drive sensibly.

You can receive more than a fine if you're caught speeding under these new rules. Depending on the band your offence falls into, you could face a ban from driving or get points on your licence.

You will need to declare penalty points to your insurer or you could invalidate your car insurance policy. It is illegal to drive without at least third party car insurance. Your car insurance premiums could rise if you get points on your licence. You can find out how to reduce the cost of your car insurance in our blog.

Don't forget also, you could face a £200 fine and six penalty points if you drive with your mobile.

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