Existing customers FAQs

Existing customers FAQs

Got a question about your thinkmoney Current Account? You should find the answers you need here on our customer FAQ page..

If you can't find what you're looking for here, just contact one of our Money Managers on 0161 779 5000 and they'll be happy to help.

Your thinkmoney Current Account

How do I pay money into my account?

You can pay money into your account in several ways. You can set up BACS payments, for example, which is the way most UK workers get paid.

Or you can deposit cash or cheques by going into any Royal Bank of Scotland or Natwest branch with your paying-in-book.

You can also post cheques to us. Click here for our contact details.

Find out more about paying money into your thinkmoney Current Account.

Will I be charged for rejected payments?

No. All account charges are included in the monthly management fee - and with our Money Managers' help, 'rejected' payments shouldn't be an issue.

I haven't got my thinkmoney Debit Mastercard yet - how can I access my money?

Simply call one of our Money Managers and they'll arrange for you to collect your cash from a bank branch near you, or smaller amounts from your local PayPoint outlet.

How can I manage my money?

Managing your money is simple. You can manage your account online, over the phone, or by using our SMS services. And, of course, you can get in touch with one of our Money Managers - they'll be happy to provide any assistance you need.

Read more about managing your account online.

Learn about our phone and SMS account management services.

Your thinkmoney Debit Mastercard

How much money can I withdraw in one day with my thinkmoney card?

Your daily cash withdrawal limit on your thinkmoney card is £450. This increases to £900 if you've got a joint Current Account (£450 for each thinkmoney card).

Please note: We won't charge for withdrawals you make, but some cash machines will.

How are my details and money protected when I use my thinkmoney card?

The thinkmoney card uses the latest chip and PIN technology, providing you with heightened protection when shopping and making payments. We also employ the latest security measures for fraud detection - helping to ensure your money is safe.

It's also protected by the Mastercard® SecureCode™ programme. To find out more about this, click here.

Can I use my thinkmoney card abroad?

Yes. You can use it in shops, restaurants and cash machines all over the world. Please bear in mind that you'll be liable for a 2% charge of the transaction amount when using your thinkmoney card abroad.

How do I order a thinkmoney card for my partner?

To order one for your partner, you'll need a joint Current Account with us. Just phone 0161 779 5000 to speak to one of our Money Managers and they'll be happy to deal with your request.

Read more information on the thinkmoney joint Current Account.

How do I report my thinkmoney card lost or stolen?

To report it lost or stolen while in the UK, call 0161 779 5000. If you need to report it lost or stolen while abroad, call 0044 161 779 5222.

You can also use our online account management service to report your thinkmoney card lost or stolen.

I can't remember my PIN: how do I order a reminder?

There are now two ways you can get a PIN reminder (or a new PIN for a new card):

  1. By Post. Just order a PIN reminder online and your PIN will be sent to you by your preferred method. So, as long as you're not opted in for PIN by SMS, you'll receive your PIN in the post within 5 calendar days.
  2. By SMS. If you've not yet opted in for this service but you'd like to be, just click here and we'll update your PIN preference within 1 working day. If you need a PIN reminder today, please call a Money Manager on 0161 779 5000 - they'l opt you in and tell you how to retrieve your PIN to your mobile phone within minutes. If you've already opted in, just log in to our online account management service and order a PIN reminder - as long as you've given us your consent, your PIN will be sent to your mobile phone automatically.

If you've not signed up for online account management yet, don't miss out - just click here to Register.

Online account management

How do I register for online account management?

As a customer, you'll have access to our state-of-the-art account management system.

If you've not registered yet, click here to register online. Or simply text the word 'NET', along with your email address, to 81122 and we will send you an email containing your registration details.

Alternatively, why not give one of our Money Managers a call on 0161 779 5000 and register that way?

What equipment do I need to manage my account online?

All you need to access our online service is a computer, an internet connection and a suitable web browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).

If you experience any problems accessing your online account, please call our Technical Support Team on 0161 779 5000.

How much does it cost?

It won't cost you a penny extra to use our online account management service. However, your internet service provider may charge for your connection. Please check with them for details on rates.

Staying safe online

How do I protect myself against online scams / fraud?

As a thinkmoney customer, you can get some advice from a Money Manager, of course. You can also visit the Payments Council's website and find out more about staying safe online - it's full of useful advice on avoiding scams and protecting your sensitive information from fraudsters.

More online account management FAQs

We've got a comprehensive guide to our online account management service, where you can read detailed answers to your questions. You can view this by logging in to your online account.

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