Protecting against fraud

Protecting against fraud

New text alerts will help you keep your money more secure in the UK and abroad.

Keeping your money safe is our number one priority – that’s why we've launched a new text alert service to help stop fraudulent transactions.

Previously, if we spotted a transaction that looked suspicious, we’d call you to ask if you recognised it. However, we can only do this during working hours, so, if, for example, the transaction took place on a Sunday, or in the evening, or if you were abroad in a different time zone, it could take us a while to get in touch. You told us that this can be frustrating if you need the transaction to go through.

Our new service will speed this process up. From today, if we detect a transaction that looks unusual or suspicious, we’ll text you on the mobile number you have registered on your account.

If you recognise the transaction as genuine, you’ll just need to text back


But if you didn’t make the transaction, text back


and we’ll stop your card from being used.

The text you get (and the number to reply to) isn’t our usual thinkmoney text number – it’ll be

07480 357017

The service will work whether you’re in the UK or abroad – so it’s important that you keep the mobile number we hold for you up to date, and that you keep your phone with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can’t reply to the text?

If you can’t reply, perhaps because you’ve got no credit on your phone, we’ll send you a reminder text. If you still don’t respond, we’ll try and call you during working hours. For your security, your transaction may not be paid until we have been able to speak to you.

Can I opt out of these security texts?

No, this is a vital new part of the way we try and protect you and your money, so you can’t opt out.

How much will the text back to you cost?

Texts received to your mobile won’t cost you anything and return texts will be charged at a standard network rate, or, if you have inclusive text bundles, it’ll be included in your text allowance. Check with your mobile provider for the costs of texts sent from outside the UK.

I am going on holiday outside the UK. Do I still need to let you know?

Yes please. You can let us know by text – just text CHANGE “I will be in 'country' from 'date' until 'date'” from the mobile number you have registered with us.

Will this happen with every online or in-store purchase I make?

No. Our fraud systems look for suspicious looking transactions and it is only these that will trigger the text messages. For example, if you withdraw £20 from a cashpoint in London at 10am, and then we see a transaction on your card in a shop in the USA a few minutes later, we’ll alert you.

Staying safe online and on your mobile with our security guide

We’ll always do everything we can to protect you, your personal information and your money, however, there are a few simple precautions you can take too.

Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about staying safe and secure online, whether on a PC, mobile or tablet. From creating passwords and keeping your card safe, to avoiding scams and fraud, following our guidelines should keep you safe.

Online security guide

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