Get more from your account with the thinkmoney app

Not got the app? No problem, you can download it here.

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What can you do in the app?

  • Check your balance and transactions
  • Transfer money on the move
  • Update standing orders
  • Freeze your card or order a new one
  • Get a PIN reminder And much more

What’s new to the thinkmoney app?

We’re always working to make our app better and to make banking with us even easier. Here are our latest updates:

Updating your details in the app

It’s important to keep your contact details up to date. This makes sure:

  • You receive important updates from us;
  • It helps protect you against fraud.

So we’ve made it even easier for you to update your address, phone number and email address in the app.

All you need to do is:

  • Open your thinkmoney app
  • Go to the ‘More’ section
  • Click ‘Account Management’
  • Update your details

Transfer money from your bills account to your card

If you urgently need some extra money on your card, you can now transfer money from your bills account to your card via the app, even if it will leave you short for your bills. However, you will need to make sure the money has been put back into your bills account before the bills are due so they’re paid on time.

How to transfer money:

  • Open your thinkmoney app
  • Go to ‘Transfer Money’
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Make transfer

Unblock your app

Blocking your app is never ideal. Neither is waiting in call queues to sort it out, especially if you urgently need access to your account. That’s why you can now securely do it yourself via the app.

What to do next if your login details are invalid and your app is blocked:

  • Click ‘Get me in’ and enter a few details
  • We’ll send you a one-time passcode for verification
  • Enter your secure one-time passcode
  • Log in to your account

How to use the app

We want you to be able to do your banking 24/7!

That’s why we have so many features in our app, with many more to come.

Here are a few quick guides on how to use our most popular features.

How to use our new app features

How to update your contact details

How to unblock your account

Other how to guides

thinkmoney app overview

Reset your password

Transfer money to your card

Make faster payments or transfers

Update your standing orders

How to update your contact details

Update your details in the app in seconds and make sure you never miss any important notifications.

How to unblock your account

Forgotten your login details? Find out how to unblock your account in just a few easy steps.

thinkmoney app overview

Setting up the app is easy. You’ll be ready to use it in no time.

Reset your password

Forgotten your username, password, passcode or any other important details? This guide will show you how to retrieve your information.

Transfer money to your card

Transferring money from your bills account to your card is easy in the app.

Make faster payments or transfers

Send payments and make transfers quickly and easily on the move.

Update your standing orders

Need to delete, add or update a standing order? The app allows you to do it all.

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