thinkmoney is always here to support you

Coronavirus (or COVID-19) is quite rightly at the forefront of all our minds.

One worry you won’t have is your thinkmoney account. We’ll continue to do everything we can to help our customers and keep our team safe and healthy.

Our people and systems are well prepared to support you, keep your account running and keep your money secure.

In the meantime, look after yourselves and each other.


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How to keep your thinkmoney account running smoothly

The thinkmoney app

The thinkmoney app is the easiest way to manage your account:

  • View and manage your account 24/7
  • Instant notifications for money in, money out and more
  • Transfer money from your bills account to your card
  • Lock your card or order a new one
  • And much, much more.

So… you need a balance? Check the app. Want to see what’s come in or gone out of your account? Check the app. Want to transfer money to your card or another account? Do it in the app! It couldn’t be easier.

If you’ve got the App already - great!

If not, then what are you waiting for? Download it now and register.

App Store downloadPlay Store download


More features on the thinkmoney app… coming soon:

  • Transfer money from your bills account to your card, even if there’s not enough money left to cover all of your bills.
  • Unblock your app without needing to call us.
  • Update your address

We will let you know as soon as these are available in the app.


Help and Support pages

If you’re looking for a quick answer to the questions we hear the most, try our excellent guides before calling up. It could save you time and money.

View Help & Support


We're here to help

Whilst you can do most things on the app (with more to come), we have specialist teams dedicated to supporting you if you're still having difficulties managing your money or account.

Use the app or our help and support pages to get the answers to most questions. If you do really need to ring, there might be a longer wait time than usual. Hold the line and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can.


We're supporting our people, so they can keep supporting you

We’re taking steps to make sure our staff are safe and healthy.
We continue to follow Government advice on how best to keep people safe here at Think Park, so they are able to give you the help you need, when you need it.

Working from home - No problem! 

Many of the thinkmoney team work from home on a regular basis. They have the relevant skills and equipment to do their job from home, which means no impact on our customers or the service we provide.


Say no to fraud

We will continue to do everything we can to support our customers and keep your account safe. Unfortunately, fraudsters are using this situation in an attempt to get access to your money or sensitive information.

They could pretend to be your bank, the police, the government or other organisations.


What we won’t do….

  • We won’t ask you to move money to a safe account for protection.
  • On a phone call we won’t ask you to reveal a one-time code to make a payment or register for the app/online banking.
  • We won’t ask you for more than the last 4 digits of your card or the 3 digit code on the back.
  • We won’t ask you for remote access to your computer.


If you get a suspicious call, email or text, hang up or don’t respond. Call us using the number on your card to let us know. If you notice any unusual activity on your account let us know as soon as possible.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has produced some useful information on how scammers are using Covid-19.

Have a read here.

You can also visit for more info.


For more information on coronavirus scams, check out our blog.


Payment disputes / refunds

With Coronavirus at the forefront of our minds, you may be concerned about some payments you’ve already made.

Whether that’s for a holiday you can no longer go on, a service you haven’t received or any other purchase or event that has been cancelled.

If you have any queries about refunds, the process will continue as normal.

  • Contact the company you bought it from (the merchant). Due to COVID-19, most companies are looking to help people with refunds.
  • Check you’ve not already received a refund. Some refunds are being actioned automatically.
  • Only contact us if the merchant can’t sort the refund. We may be able to help at that point.


Coronavirus and your finances

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the UK Government has announced some new temporary financial regulations. We’ve gathered up all the important details you might need. Have a read of our blog to see how it may apply to you.

Read more on our blog.


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