Current Account Switch Service

When you switch to us, we’ll move everything over from your old bank for you. This guide covers everything you need to know about switching your bank account using the Current Account Switch Service.

Can I switch my current account?

Yes, you can use the service to switch account from and to any of the participating banks and building societies.

I have a joint account. Can I switch my current account?

Yes, as long as both parties agree to the switch and you are switching to another joint account. It is not possible to use the service to switch a joint account to a sole account.

Who provides the guarantee?

As a participant of the Current Account Switch Service, we guarantee your switching process. Bacs, the people behind Direct Debits and Direct Credits in the UK, manage and oversee the service.

Can I choose my switch date?

Yes, you can choose and agree a switch date with us. Just make sure you allow seven working days for the switch to take place and that your chosen date isn’t a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

Are account opening and account switching all part of the same process?

Account opening and account switching are separate processes. We have to carry out ‘know your customer’ security checks as part of our account opening process. Once these are complete to our satisfaction, you can ch…

When does the switch begin?

Once you have applied for and opened your new account, you can choose the switch date to suit you. The date of your switch must be at least seven working days from this point.

Do I have to close my old account?

Your old bank will close your old account as part of the switching process. This ensures that any payments made to your old account are automatically redirected to your new account. If you want to, you can switch and keep your …

What happens to payments that people send to my old account?

All incoming and outgoing payments will be automatically redirected to your new account. Each time a payment is redirected, an automatic message is sent back to the originator advising them of your new account details so they c…

When will the money in my old account be transferred to my new account?

You will be able to access the funds in your old account up to and until your switch date, when they will be transferred to your new account.

What if I change my mind?

You can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch date. After that only certain elements can be cancelled. We will guide you through this process if you decide to cancel your switch.

What happens if there is a mistake or unnecessary delay in the switching process?

In the unlikely event that there are any issues in starting the switch, we will inform you before your switch date. If anything goes wrong, we will ensure that any charges or interest incurred on your old and/or new account as …

Will switching my current account affect my credit rating?

No, providing you repay any outstanding overdraft on your previous account as required by your old bank or building society. If there are any problems with payments as part of the switching process, we will correct them and ens…

My Direct Debit hasn’t moved across after I’ve switched. What do I do?

If you’re missing a Direct Debit and your switch is complete, contact us. Remember all payments are covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee and any charges or interest incurred on your old or new account as a resu…

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