Where can I make a cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK?

  • At any cash machine where you see the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark.
    • Maximum amount: £450 per calendar day ( £450 each for joint account holders).
  • At the Post Office®
    • Maximum amount: £1000 per calendar day (to withdraw more than £500 you'll need to make two withdrawals)
  • By asking for cashback in participating retailers – just look out for the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

You shouldn't worry if you see the following message when using a Mastercard LINK ATM in the UK:

"Your card issuer may charge you for this transaction. Would you like to continue?"

Rest assured that we won't charge you. Simply press 'Continue' if you see this message to continue with the transaction.

If your card is lost or stolen, don’t worry, you can arrange to collect emergency cash from a PayPoint retailer – just go online and select the amount of cash you need (up to £200) and we’ll text you a voucher to use in store.

Making a cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK

A 2% fee will apply on cash withdrawals in foreign currency outside the UK.

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