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Glossary – thinkmoney secure connection

thinkmoney secure connection

thinkmoney secure connection is a service by which you can share access to your account and account information securely with other payment service providers. You can also use it to pay for online or instore purchases without your card.


A merchant is a company which sells you goods or services.

Payment Initiation Service Provider

Payment Initiation Service Provider is a payment provider that will make payments on your behalf or a merchant who allows you to pay directly from your bank account.

Instead of using your card, you can authorise a Payment Initiation Service Provider to access your account to take payment for goods or services.

Account Information Service Providers

Account Information Service Providers offer online services and apps where you can view accounts from several providers in one place.

To use an Account Information Service Provider, you authorise them to access some of your account information, such as your balance and transactions.

Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers

Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers provide cards which can be linked with multiple accounts, allowing you to make payments from separate accounts using the same card.

Strong Customer Authentication

One of the aims of PSD2 is to reduce fraud, so more online transactions will use Strong Customer Authentication to confirm that it’s really you making the payment.

For SCA, you’ll verify transactions using at least two out of something you have (like a one time passcode sent to your phone), something you know (e.g. a password or PIN) and something you are (fingerprint or face recognition).

For transactions in shops, you might have to enter your PIN more often.

Third party provider

A third party provider is any company who you share financial information or access to your account with using thinkmoney secure connection.

Payment Initiation Service Providers, Account Information Service Providers and Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers are types of third party providers.

Confirmation of funds

When you use a Payment Initiation Service Provider or a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuers, they will ask us for confirmation of funds. All this means is we tell them whether you have enough money in your account for the payment.


By using a third party provider, you give consent to them accessing your account and some of your account information for a period of time. You can remove consent at any time.


An application program interface (API) is a connection between two or more applications. thinkmoney secure connection works by using a secure API to share information with third party providers.

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