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What is a statement of fees?

A statement of fees is a document we will be sending to you each year. It gives you a summary of all the fees you have paid for services linked to your account.


Do I need to have this document, or can I opt out?

We’re required to send you the document to show you the total amount of fees that you have paid over the last 12 months.


Why is my fee higher than I expected?

All our fees are available in our terms and conditions and in our fee information document. Any changes of fees would be communicated to you before they took effect.


How often will I be given this document?

We send this document to all of our customers once a year.


How will you send this document to me?

This depends on which delivery preference you’ve chosen. The document will be either posted to the address we have on file, or sent to your online banking and app inbox.


Will both account holders of a joint account be sent the statement of fees?

Both account holders will receive their own statement of fees document.


What is the dormancy fee on my statement?

If you haven’t used your thinkmoney account in a while, it becomes dormant. If there are funds in your account when it goes dormant, we’ll charge you a reduced monthly fee of £1.10. This is part of the thinkmoney terms and conditions.


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