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Unfortunately, thinkmoney Gadget Insurance is no longer available to purchase. However, if you’re an existing thinkmoney Gadget Insurance customer you can still find out everything you need to know about your cover in the FAQs below.

What is gadget insurance?

Gadget Insurance is a cost effective way of protecting you if your gadgets are accidently damaged, lost or stolen. It also provides cover if your gadget suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown outside of the manufacturer’…

What gadgets do thinkmoney insurance cover?

We cover the following gadgets: E-Readers Digital cameras Games consoles Laptop computers MP3/MP4 players Mobile phones Smart watches Satellite navigation devices (SatNavs) Tablets Video cameras    Any…

What is covered by a thinkmoney insurance gadget policy?

We cover the following: Accidental Loss If you accidentally lose your gadget, we'll attempt to replace it with a fully refurbished gadget of the same make, specification, age and condition, but it may not be the same colour. …

Is my gadget covered if I travel outside the UK?

Yes, your gadgets are covered worldwide for up to 90 days in any 12 month period.

Do I receive a discount when insuring more than one gadget?

Yes, you'll receive a £2 discount for each additional gadget you insure under your gadget policy.

Can I insure a gadget for other family members?

Yes you can, as long as they are immediate family members and are living in the same household. By immediate family we mean your mother or father, spouse, civil partner or domestic partner or son or daughter who permanent…

How much are my gadgets insured for?

We'll pay up to the following amounts in the event of a claim for each insured gadget: Laptops £2,000 per claim and £2,000 in total for any number of claims arising during any 12 month period …

Can I choose when my cover starts?

Yes, you can choose to start your cover on the day you buy the policy or any subsequent day within 28 days. A 14 day exclusion period applies from the start date of your policy. This means that you'll be unable to claim i…

Is there an excess to pay?

You have to pay the first £50 of a claim for any gadget other than a laptop computer. For a laptop computer, you have to pay the first £75 of a claim.

Does it matter how old a gadget is?

Yes, your gadget must be less than 24 months old, purchased as new from an approved supplier and with valid proof of purchase when the policy begins. It can't have been bought second hand, at auction or from an online…

How will I receive my policy documents after purchasing a policy?

Your policy documents will be emailed to you immediately after you've completed your purchase. You can also log into your online account at and download your documents from there. …

Can I change the date that my monthly payment is taken?

Yes, you can.  Please just call 0330 102 6851 and we can change your payment date for you.

How do I make a claim on my gadget insurance policy?

You can log into your account at and register a claim. Alternatively, you can call 0330 102 6850 to make a claim.  

What proof of purchase do I need to retain for each gadget?

You'll need to provide an original receipt, invoice or gift receipt, which includes the details of your gadget. If you can't provide this, it may mean we can't progress your claim.

What if my gadget was a gift?

You'll need to ask for the original purchase or gift receipt from the person who gave you the gadget. If you can't provide this, we may not be able to progess your claim. 

Gadget help guide

In order to cover any gadget with thinkmoney insurance you'll need to provide us with: - your unique IMEI number if insuring a smartphone - your unique Serial Number if you are insuring any other gadget  You'll also nee…

Do I need to report any theft or loss of my gadget to the police?

Yes, you need to report any theft to the police within 48 hours of discovery of the theft of your gadget. A crime reference number from the police will be required to process your claim.  Lost property needs to be recorde…

Do I need to report any theft or loss of my phone to my network provider?

Yes, you need to report the theft and loss of any Smartphone or Mobile phone to your airtime provider within 24 hours of discovery.

Following a claim, will any replacement gadgets be covered on this policy?

Yes they will be as long as you register them on the MyAccount section at  

How can I cancel my gadget policy?

You can cancel your policy within 30 days of the start date or, if later, 30 days of the date you receive the policy document without a charge. We'll provide a full refund as long as you have not made a claim and do not i…

How can I add or remove a gadget from my policy?

You can add or remove a gadget from your policy by logging into your account at You then need to select the ‘My Policy’ tab, where you can add or remove them. …

What happens if I miss a Direct Debit Payment?

If you miss a Direct Debit and do not make up this payment within 14 days, your policy will end. If this happens, we'll write to you to explain how you can make up the payment.

Who is the scheme administrator?

Direct Group Limited is the Administrator of the gadget insurance scheme, working on behalf of the insurer and thinkmoney insurance to process payments and claims.  Direct Group Limited, is authorised and regulated by the…

Who is the insurer?

This policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444, which is managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited. Registered Office: Canopius Managing Agents Limited, Gallery 9, One Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HA. Registered i…

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions about your gadget insurance policy you can contact thinkmoney insurance on 0161 672 8991. For payments and claims please contact the policy administrator (Direct Group) on 0330 102 6851. 

How many gadgets can I cover?

You can cover an unlimited number of gadgets under this policy. Each time you insure an additional gadget you'll benefit from our £2 discount off the normal monthly cost.

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