Where can I make a cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK?

You can withdraw cash:

  • At any cash machine where you see the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark - Maximum amount is £450 per calendar day (£450 each for joint account holders).
  • At the Post Office® - Maximum amount is £1000 per calendar day (to withdraw more than £500 you'll need to make two withdrawals).
  • By asking for cashback in participating retailers – just look out for the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

How do I withdraw cash at the Post Office?

Go to the counter and tell the cashier how much you’d like to withdraw (you can withdraw any amount between £0.01 and £1000). They’ll ask you to pop your card in the card reader and enter your PIN, then they’ll hand you the cash.

If you’d like to withdraw more than £500, you'll have to split this across two withdrawals.

How do I get cashback?

All you need to do is ask for cashback when you’re paying for your shopping. If you’re not sure whether the retailer offers cashback, ask when you’re at the till.

Cashback is limited to £50 per transaction.