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Online Account Management and App

Get up to speed with thinkmoney’s Online Account Management and App. We’ve covered all of the most commonly asked questions, from how to register, to what you can do when you’re logged in.

What can I use my Online Account Management for?

Register for Online Account Management here and use your mobile, tablet or PC and manage your money anytime, anywhere. You can: transfer money to your card view your balances and transactions make Faster Payments set…

How do I register for Online Account Management?

It’s really simple to sign up, read our step by step guide or watch our video.   Step by step guide 1. Go to our Online Account Management Registration page. Enter your customer reference number or account…

Where do I log into Online Account Management?

Logging into Online Account Management is easy. You can log in here. Read our step by step guide below or watch our video guide. You’ll need your: username email passcode online password If you’re no…

I’ve forgotten my log in details, what can I do?

If you can’t log into Online Account Management because you’ve forgotten some or all of your log in details, it’s really easy to request a reminder or reset them: If you’ve forgotten your username, requ…

How do I unblock Online Account Management?

If you’ve blocked Online Account Management, don’t worry, you’ll be able to manage your money online again in no time. If you’ve blocked your online password or passcode, just text 'unblock' to 81122, o…

Can I change my personal details online?

You can update your email address and home, work and mobile telephone numbers through Online Account Management. Just go to the ‘Personal Details’ section when you log in. You aren’t able to update your name …

How do I download the thinkmoney App?

Android and Apple users can download it for free here. Just choose whether you want to download it from the App Store or from Google Play, depending on your phone. Alternatively, just search for ‘thinkmoney’ in th…

How do I register for the thinkmoney App?

You'll first need to download the App, which you can do here. Then you need to: Click on 'Get Started' Read and accept the T&Cs Choose how you'd like to sign in - either using a pattern on your phone screen, or w…

Why are there no regular payees on the thinkmoney App?

You’ll need to set up your regular payees through Online Account Management. We’ll then automatically save them and they will appear when you log into the App. You can log into Online Account Management here and s…

If my Online Account Management is blocked, can I still use the thinkmoney App?

No, if your Online Account Management is blocked, you won’t be able to use the App. You can find out how to unblock Online Account Management here.

What can I use my thinkmoney App for?

With the App, you can manage your money 24/7. You can: Check your balances, payments and recent transactions Make Faster Payments to existing payees Make salary to card transactions Transfer funds to your card if you hav…

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