What is thinkmoney secure connection?

How does thinkmoney secure connection work?

If you want a payment service provider to have access to your account and information, they will need to connect to us securely via thinkmoney secure connection.

You’ll receive a notification asking you to view a summary of the request and to confirm that it was really you who made it.

Once you’ve confirmed everything, we’ll provide access and share information with the third party. This usually lasts for 90 days but you can remove their consent at any time in the app.

How do I set up thinkmoney secure connection?

  • Go to the ‘more’ section of the app/online banking.
  • Press ‘app settings’ then ‘thinkmoney secure connection’
  • Use the toggle to enable thinkmoney secure connection
  • Enter your passcode
  • You’ll see your unique ID on the next screen (make a note of it – you’ll need it when you want to provide access to third parties)

I don’t recognise a thinkmoney secure connection request, what should I do?

Look carefully at the details of the request. If you don’t remember agreeing to provide access to your account or share information with the third party named on the request, press ‘I’ve changed my mind’.

This will temporarily block your online banking and the app to keep your account secure. You’ll still be able to use your card while your online account is blocked.

Call us on 0161 779 5000 to unblock your account. If we’re closed, we’ll call you when we’re open.

Is my money protected if I pay by thinkmoney secure connection?

If you use pay by bank for online purchases using thinkmoney secure connection rather than with your card, you might find it more difficult to get your money back if something goes wrong.

That’s because card payments are protected by Chargeback (where we try to claim money back from the merchant’s bank account if there’s a problem). Payments using thinkmoney secure connection work in a similar way to faster payments so they’re not protected by Chargeback.

What does ‘TPP payment to…’ on my transactions mean?

‘TPP payment to company name’ on your transactions means a payment you made by thinkmoney secure connection.