What is Mastercard® Identity Check?

Mastercard® Identity Check is an extra security step to help protect you against unauthorised use of your card when shopping online.

How does Mastercard Identity Check work?

When you’re shopping online, we might send you a one time passcode to prove your identity and complete the transaction. You’ll get this by text or email (you can choose which when you make your purchase).

You then need to enter your OTP on the webpage to confirm that it’s really you making the purchase. If you've entered your passcode correctly then the transaction will go through.

We’ll send OTPs to the contact details on your account, so please let us know if any of your details change.

Do I need to register my card for Mastercard Identity Check?

All cards are automatically registered for Mastercard Identity Check.

How much does it cost to use Mastercard Identity Check?

Mastercard Identity Check is here to protect you from online fraud, so it’s completely free to use.

How do I know which retailers use Mastercard Identity Check?

All participating retailers will have the Mastercard Identity Check logo on their website.

Alternatively, you'll know if a retailer uses Mastercard Identity Check if you're asked to enter a One Time Passcode (OTP) when trying to make a purchase online.