Open our IVA bank account alternative

Apply today for a thinkmoney Current Account and you could receive all this:

  • Help with budgeting
  • No credit check when you apply
  • No charges from us for missing payments

Two things really make our account suitable for people going through an IVA or bankruptcy. There's no credit check. And your money is managed by a team of experts who set aside enough of your income for your most important bills - and make sure they're paid - every month.

It takes strict budgeting to make an IVA succeed, so a managed account can be a great idea, helping you pay your bills and make your IVA payments on time.

The way the account is managed, we can forecast up to three months in advance if you're going to be short of money for your bills.

Can I apply with a bad credit history?

You may have a bad credit history, but that won't hold back your application - you won't be refused a thinkmoney Current Account based on your credit history, because we don't carry out a credit check.

If you are currently in an IVA or bankrupt, an alternative to a bank account that helps you manage your finances and stay on top of your bills could really help. If you've already been through an IVA or bankruptcy, it could help you get back on top your finances.

IVA or bankruptcy - how to apply for an account

As long as you can prove you're 18 or over and resident in the UK, you can apply for a thinkmoney Current Account.

You can start your application online today.

Bankruptcy or IVA bank accounts - the budgeting benefits

Bankruptcy or IVA bank accounts won't usually offer a credit facility (credit card or overdraft). However, you may find you don't need these things when you manage your money in a way that helps you live within your means.

With our alternative to an IVA bank account, the thinkmoney Current Account, you could find your regular monthly payments a lot more manageable! With our budgeting service, you can really take control of your finances - so call us today and find out exactly how the account could work for you.

An account for IVAs

Need more reasons to apply? What if we told you that our account for IVAs lets you manage your money by phone, by SMS and online? We make our account accessible to make staying on top of your money easy. You can arrange Direct Debits, check your statements and transaction history, order paying-in books and do many other useful things in the way that suits you.

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