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Ways to manage your money with us

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The Fairbanking Mark

Our Personal Account has been awarded a 4 star rating from the fairbanking foundation.

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Apply today - regardless of your credit history

It doesn't matter if you've got a poor credit history, if you're currently going through bankruptcy or if you're a discharged bankrupt - you can apply for our account.

As soon as you've proved your identity and address and returned your signed application form, you could open a Personal Account with thinkmoney.

An Account that offers you more

The thinkmoney Personal Account offers you much more than just a place to keep your money.

With the account, you'll get:

  • A transparent service. We won't charge you for missed or rejected payments - in fact, you won't be landed with any unexpected charges from us. With a monthly fee of just £14.50 for a single account (and £21.25 for a joint account) you'll know exactly what you're paying each month, every month.
  • Personalised help with your budget. Our Money Managers are there for you when you need them most. It's their job to help make sure the money set aside in your Salaries Account is enough to cover the essential costs you've told us about. That means you don't have to worry about missing payments - and you can spend the money in your Card Account knowing its not meant to be going elsewhere.
  • Easy access to your cash. We'll also preload your thinkmoney card for you, making sure all your spending money's on there when you need it. Use it all over the world* to pay for things in shops, in restaurants and online, almost anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance mark.

What makes us different?

The way we look after your money is different.

  • We're not a bank - we don't invest your money or lend it out to anyone.
  • We make sure it goes where it's needed. Our expert Money Managers are there to help you get every bill you've told us about paid on time, so you know exactly what you can safely spend.
  • We're completely open about how you pay for our service: we won't charge any unexpected fees for missing payments or making 'too many' transactions.