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We’ve all done it! It’s so easy – New Year arrives and you’re all fired up about getting fit and healthy for the summer. But, after a rush of enthusiasm, going 3-4 times a week, you begin to stall. Three times, becomes two and then one. The next week you’ve this and that to do and, before you know it, you’re not going even once a month anymore. But, you still continue to pay your membership fee. That’s ten pounds, £20, or maybe even more, coming out of your account every month? And for what? Well, nothing if you don’t use it. It is simply wasted money.

So, ask yourself, do you think it’s worth it? If you pay only £20 per month and you visit it 3 times a week, you can clearly see that it’s worth the money, with each visit to the gym working out at approximately £1.60 per visit – a bargain! But what if you go to the gym only twice in the whole month?

In a survey carried out for thinkmoney, 1 in 10 (10%) people who pay for a gym membership go less than once a week. So let’s take the same example as above; if you pay £20 per month and you go 3 times, that makes each visit £6.66 each. It’s getting less worth it now, isn’t’ it? Now imagine going whole months without a single visit, you’re gym fees start creeping up to £30-40 per visit, which is clearly not something you’d be happy paying if it was money you had to give on the door. So what is it that stops us from cancelling our membership, even though it’s quite clear that we’re never going to use it? Our survey revealed a number of reasons why we don’t cancel our gym memberships, including, not surprisingly, simply being lazy and feeling guilty. But, the biggest reason, by far, with over half of respondents giving this response is because ‘I plan to start going soon’. Yes, of course you do! We all do.

Are you telling the truth?

Now, we’re sure that most people truly believe that they will start to go soon, but it’s worth being really, really honest with yourself about this because it is costing you money, after all! Money that could be used elsewhere, to pay for other things that are actually going to be of use to you.

So grab a pen and paper and write down all the reasons why you’re not going – be honest with yourself. Is it just laziness, for example? If it is, then it may be easily solvable. You can decide not to be lazy and push yourself to go, if you really want to. But, if you realise that it’s just not feasible – with the kids to look after and dinner to prepare, there’s just not enough time, no matter what you juggle about – then perhaps you need to think about other ways of keeping fit, that don’t require you going to the gym.

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that the gym is not for you. It’s definitely better than paying for something you’re not using. And, there are plenty of ways you can keep fit that don’t cost a penny – why not have a go?

Why don’t people go to the gym?

For fun, we carried out a straw poll to see what kinds of excuses people gave for not going to the gym. It seems that the boys are pretty good at going to the gym when they say they will, as we didn’t get any lame excuses from them. The girls, on the other hand, seem to have a whole host of wonderful reasons (don’t you mean excuses?), as to why they simply can’t go tonight. Here are some of the best:

“I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.”

“I don’t want to get sweaty and have to wash my hair.”

“I feel too fat to put on my gym clothes.”

“I haven’t done my fake tan, so I’m too pale to wear my gym gear.”

“I’ve only just done my fake tan and so I don’t want it to go streaky.”

“Sweating is bad for my pores.”

You’ll regret it twice over – once when you realise how much money is going down the drain each month because you don’t use your subscription, and a second time when you realise that you can’t get in those jeans you bought a size too small, because you convinced yourself you’d lose the weight before your hols! And, we all know that life is way too short for regrets so, either use or cancel it!

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