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If you dream of your child having a tidy room, but don’t think it’ll ever happen – think again!

We’ve got one amazing tip that should make sure your child picks up after themselves – and ten great storage ideas, all for less than £20.

The Time Tip

Pink Box

If your child has a set bedtime then this tip could work wonders! Even if you don’t have a set time your child goes to bed each night, you should be able to adjust the tip so that it works for you.

How it works:

Tell your child that for every piece of clothing on their bedroom floor each night you’ll deduct 5 minutes from their bedtime. For instance, if they normally go to bed at 7.30pm and they’ve left two socks and a t-shirt on the floor then they’ll go to bed at 7.15pm that night. Your child will hate this, as they’ll probably want to stay up as late as possible, so after a day or two you’ll find that you can actually see the carpet each night!

Top 10 storage ideas

Pink Box and Bunnies

If you want your child to keep their room tidy, then it’s essential that they have enough room to store all their belongings. Aside from their wardrobe, chest of drawers and perhaps a bedside table you might want to invest in some of these great storage options. The majority are available in a range of colours so you are bound to find one to match your child’s colour scheme.

1. Primary colour storage unit (£14.99, Amazon)

2. Crayon toy box and bench (£14.99, Amazon)

3. Fairy princess stackable storage (£15, Wilko)

4. Robot stackable storage (£15, Wilko)

5. Butterfly box (£5, Wilko)

6. Stylish shoebox (£1.99, B&M)

7. Jumbo boxes with lids (£9.99, Argos)

Tiger Bus Box

8. Safari Bus Storage Seat (£4.99, Home Bargains)

9. Storage tower (£11.99, Home Bargains)

10. Storage Lego Head (£12.98, Argos)

Whichever storage option you decide to go for, we hope you’ll be able to inspire your child to keep a tidier room from now on!

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