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Here’s the second part of our 10 money lessons to learn from BBC’s Don’t Tell the Bride Series. We hope it brings back some happy memories of watching the first eight series and gets you excited for the 2015 series, which is being filmed right now!

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Lesson 6 – Don’t pay dear for a bespoke cake - Courtesy of Jackie and John from Series 5

In this episode, John made some big mistakes but still gave his bride an amazing day. Trying to make Jackie do a sky-drive just before she said “I do” was never going to pay off, and commissioning a wedding cake shaped like a nose (because she hates her nose) was downright daft!

What’s the lesson?

When you’re planning your wedding, try to think of ways you can save on your wedding cake. People can spend hundreds of pounds on cakes but you could create something just effective by thinking outside the box. If you are a keen baker or know someone who is, you could do it yourself – or if you fancy cheating you could buy pre-iced rich fruit cakes from a supermarket and just buy decorations and stands cheaply, which could save you hundreds of pounds.

Lesson 7 – Think about the long term effects - Courtesy of Kara and Alex from Series 5

Most brides would hate to be driven to a tattoo parlour, without warning, to be told that they’re going to be inked by the best man, but Kara took it all in her stride. She was happy to find out the date of her wedding, which was inked on her calf in Roman Numerals.

What’s the lesson?

Although you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with your other half, getting a tattoo with the wedding date (or your groom’s name) might be something you want to think long and hard about. The same can be said about your wedding. If you overspend, or even borrow lots of money to pay for the big day, your first few years as man and wife will be spent paying back what you owe. It is much better to rein in your spending, save up and start your married life without debts if you can.

Lesson 8 – It shouldn’t be a joke - Courtesy of Lynn and Liam from Series 7

This was probably Don’t Tell the Bride’s craziest wedding! Liam opted for an extra-terrestrial theme in a bunker because he loves aliens – even though he knew his bride would hate it.

What’s the lesson?

The lesson we can learn from this wedding is that planning a good wedding isn’t something should be rushed into. Yes, you want to have a good time and you want people to remember it, but at the end of the day you’re making a lifelong commitment to each other. If you plan your wedding way in advance you might be able to haggle when you book things like the venue, cars and photographer, which could be a good bonus.

Lesson 9 – Small surprises are good but not huge ones - Courtesy of Victoria and Lloyd from Series 7

Sometimes women like surprises and sometimes they don’t. Victoria hated being told to pack a suitcase for her wedding, without any idea of where she would end up and got quite teary about it. If her other half in waiting, Llloyd, had told her they were jetting off to Los Angeles she would have felt a lot happier (but probably not if he’d revealed they were marrying on the iconic weightlifting gym, Muscle Beach).

What’s the lesson?

Obviously, when you get married you won’t have to guess your wedding’s location like Victoria, but if your man wants to surprise you, perhaps consider letting him book your honeymoon – but definitely give him a spending limit he can’t go over. If you ask your guests for travel vouchers or money as a gift, you mightn’t need to spend a penny if you book something a month or two after the wedding.

Lesson 10 – Think carefully about the guest list - Courtesy of Kayleigh and Simon from Series 4

Sticking to your budget is so important. You would think that with a budget of £12,000, Simon would have been able to give his bride the wedding of her dreams. But, after overspending he had to cut the guest list right down to a mere 6 people, and ask for £500 from each guest! Choosing the wedding’s location by the spin of a roulette wheel definitely wasn’t the cleverest idea either!

He confessed to the BBC website: “I wanted Las Vegas, Kaleigh wanted the stately home, so there was only one way to decide – a spin of the roulette wheel. Black for Vegas, red for the UK. We entered the casino and placed our bet. Watching the ball roll around seemed to take forever to drop to reveal our wedding destiny, finally... black. One thought entered my head: "She's going to kill me!"

This meant that not all of Kaleigh’s family could attend and she was devastated to find out that half of her family couldn’t be there and very nearly called the whole thing off. (They did get married, sadly, now they’re divorced.)

What’s the lesson?

When it comes to planning your own wedding, think about who you want to be there – and if you’re planning to hold it abroad, whether people will be able to afford to go. It might be that you have to rethink the country – Spain or Italy is much more affordable than Jamaica or America, simply because of the cost of flights.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our recap of some of the most memorable Don’t Tell the Bride weddings and it helps you plan an amazing day for you and your partner!

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