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Second-hand buying has gone through somewhat of a revival lately, and even Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing a gorgeous vintage piece that was picked up from a second hand store. And why not? It’s a great way to find a deal and you often end up feeling a real sense of achievement when you come away with something that you love for very little money.

A great place to look for second hand bargains are car boot sales. You’ll find clothes, homeware, toys, bric-a-brac, furniture…we could go on! Not to mention they’re a great day out for all the family.

To make sure that you end up in car boot heaven, follow these tips:

1. Be prepared to get up early. You’d be surprised how quickly the best items can go at a car boot sale and they normally start pretty early at the weekend. Get there in good time and make sure you get a look in at the best things going that day. Sacrificing the odd lie-in is a small price to pay if you end up saving lots of money!

2. Resist impulse buying. What you don’t want to end up doing is buying something just because it’s cheap. You might end up coming away with lots of “bargains” that you don’t actually need and would never normally buy. Make sure you go with some idea of what you want and what you’re willing to pay and stick to your guns.

3. Haggle. You don’t get many opportunities to actually negotiate about what you think an item is worth, so take advantage of the fact that you can in this environment. Obviously, haggle within reason, and be realistic about what someone would be willing to accept on an item. Don’t be afraid to give it a go as a lot of sellers don’t want to go home with the things that they brought and may be willing to go down on price.

4. Have patience and ask around. It’s important to remember that you might not find exactly what you want at the first car boot sale, but it pays to persevere and have patience. If you want to find a specific item or type of item and you don’t find it, you can always ask the sellers themselves for advice. The people on the stalls will know other sellers, so if they don’t have it, they may be able to point you in the right direction of someone who will.

If you’re looking to make a little extra money and get rid of unwanted items, check out our guide to selling at a car boot sale here.

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