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5 budget-friendly accessories to liven up an outfit

Published 28 October 2015 by

If you open up your wardrobe every morning and end up feeling completely uninspired by what you find, you may think you’re in need of a complete style overhaul. But you’d be wrong, you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole new wardrobe to create a fresh look – all you need is a few carefully chosen (and budget-friendly) accessories to liven things up! To point you in the right direction, take inspiration from our top 5*!

Belt up

The simplest way to change up an outfit is to add a belt. Wrapping one around your waist helps to accentuate the area no matter what you’re wearing and will create a balance to your look. If you think your outfit is particularly monotone, opt for a bright belt like this one from Primark.

Eye-catching bag

Believe it or not, a bag can make a lot of difference to an outfit. Take this green box bag from Primark, for example. Adding an accessory with such a subtle pop of colour like this can really help to breathe new life into a look. You could also opt for something a little jazzier if you’re heading out in the evening – this sequin clutch would make the perfect piece to transform a little black dress!

Wrap up

Let’s face it, a basic jeans and t-shirt combo can be an easy go-to outfit. But it doesn’t take long to get tired of recycling a look like this, so why not invest in something like this two-way scarf wrap to dress it up a little? You could wear this draped over your shoulders or like a chunky scarf – at only £12, it’s quite the find!

Make a statement

You really can’t go wrong with a statement necklace – it can instantly dress up anything from an evening dress to a plain-white tee. You can pick one up quite cheaply on the high street – like this floral necklace from Primark!

Alternatively, if you’d prefer something a little edgier, why not go for an ear cuff? They’re the latest accessory to take the fashion world by storm and this one from Primark is only £1.50!

Killer heel

Don’t get us wrong, we like a pair of comfy flats just as much as the next person, but you really can’t beat a pair of killer heels when it comes to revamping an old outfit.Utility is a big trend this autumn, so why not pick up a pair of these olive-green heels from Primark? At just £14, this pair look much more expensive than their budget-friendly price tag!

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*Prices correct at time of writing – 27/10/15

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