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There are lots of ways you might save money on your energy bills this winter without having to make a big effort. All it takes is for you to make a few minor adjustments when doing everyday tasks like cooking or ironing. At first, it might take you a while to remember what you need to do but soon it should become second nature.

The Daily Mail recently published a list of their top tips so we thought we’d expand their research and come up with some of our own. Don’t delay, start saving money on your energy bills today!

1. Get clever with your cooking

When using your oven, if you want to check how food is coming along it’s best to look through the glass oven door rather than opening it. Every time you open the door your oven loses ten degrees of heat, so it has to use more energy to get the temperature back up.

Five minutes before your food will be fully cooked turn your oven off. The temperature will still be hot so your food will finish cooking but you’ll have saved energy.

Did you know?

Pyrex and ceramic dishes retain heat better than metal baking trays so if you can, make the switch. You won’t just save energy, you’ll also save time as you won’t need to cook things for as long.

2. Keep your cool in the kitchen

An oven might lose heat when you open the door but a fridge gains heat, and this wastes energy as the fridge has to cool down to the correct temperature each time. When you get milk out of the fridge to pour on your cereal, don’t leave the fridge door open until you’ve finished as this will allow lots of cool air to escape, making the temperature inside rise.

Cool air escapes more quickly from an empty fridge when the door is opened, so it uses more energy to get back to the right temperature. If you can, store some bottles of water in your fridge when it’s empty to stop the cold air escaping as quickly. You’ll save energy and you’ll be able to enjoy drinking chilled water instead of tepid water from your tap.

As well as your fridge habits it’s worth paying some attention to your freezer. Most people hate the chore of defrosting their freezer but if yours is covered in frost then it makes sense to defrost it as soon as possible. Frost-coated freezers use more electricity and can even push up your bills by as much as £100 a year.

3. Go easy on your heating

When it comes to switching on your heating at this time of year there are a number of things you can do to help save energy. Bleeding your radiators can help them work more efficiently and turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can reduce energy use and save you around £75 a year on your energy bills!*

If you have thermostatic radiator valves, set them at the level you require for each room individually. If you spend only a minimal amount of time in your kitchen then select a lower setting. You could turn off the radiators in rooms you don’t use regularly like guest bedrooms or dining rooms. There’s no point wasting energy and money heating rooms you don’t use.

4. Hold off your iron

If you usually iron every single thing in your laundry basket, why not try to cut down and embrace some wrinkles? Simply letting your PJs remain creased and not ironing your bed sheets can cut your ironing time down and save energy.

Your iron uses a lot more energy than most household appliances so don’t leave it on while you pop for a cup of tea or use the toilet. If you can, try to iron quicker or on a lower setting.

Did you know?

The average woman will spend the equivalent of two whole days ironing a year.**

Cleaning your iron with toothpaste could help make it more energy efficient, according to British Gas. They recommend:

1. When your iron is cool, wipe and polish the plate with a soft cloth.

2. Rub marks with a damp cloth when the iron is warm.

3. Use white toothpaste for more stubborn marks.

4. Rub the toothpaste off with a clean cloth.

5. Set iron on steam.

6. Steam a cloth for five minutes to ensure iron is completely clean.

5. Check you’re getting the best deal

Gas and electricity prices can vary dramatically between the different energy providers so you could be paying a premium. You should shop around to find the best deal for you. It only takes a couple of minutes to compare your gas and electricity supplier and make the switch on comparison sites like uSwitch.

If you’re a thinkmoney customer, have a chat to your Money Manager. Our Money Saving Team may be able to find you a better deal. Call 08000 274 201 to have a chat about your bills.



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