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If you’re hosting a party for the kids this Halloween, you’re probably already thinking about how much it’s going to cost. Decorations can be expensive and if you want to deck your house out to look properly spooky, it could cost you a fortune.

Halloween doesn’t have to be high-end though – you can host a creepy party on a budget. Read on to find some of the scariest decorations you can easily make for under £5:

1) Bat jam jar – at thinkmoney, we’re big fans of the humble jam jar. You can make some used jars into Halloween decorations by painting them with spooky designs like bats or pumpkins and putting electric tea lights in them. They could also be used as snack jars for any little trick-or-treaters!

2) Milk carton ghosts – you can reuse those big 4 litre milk bottles and turn them into spooky ghost faces. Just use a black marker to draw a ghostly-looking face on the back of the milk bottle, and fill it with a string of fairy lights to create an eerie glow. Turn it round so that the handle is at the back of the bottle and the ghosts will be ready to go.

3) Egg box bats – cardboard eggs boxes make cute little bat decorations you can hang up all around your home. Cut a line of three cups from an egg box, paint them black and glue ribbon to the top to hang the bat up. You can even stick some googly eyes on your bats like this blogger did.

4) Glow in the dark jar – painting some old jam jars with dots of glow in the dark paint creates a really eerie atmosphere when you leave them around the room with the lights out! Add some glitter to the inside of the jar like we’ve done so that the light really illuminates the room.

5) Glowing balloons – blow up some green or orange balloons and put a lit glow stick inside before you tie them off. When the lights are dimmed, they’ll make for a really spooky look. Just make sure that if kids are helping you, break the glow sticks for them. Overworking them can cause them to split and the chemicals can cause irritation to the skin.

6) Bat lampshade – take a piece of thick black craft paper and draw a few bat shapes on in varying sizes. Cut them out and stick them on the inside of a large lampshade. When you turn the light on, it will cast shadows of the bats all around the room and really make it look like they’re fluttering around!

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