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Think you can get out of date night because you can’t afford it? Well, that excuse won’t work anymore!

It’s really important to set aside time for just you and your partner, as life can often get in the way – particularly if you’re running around after little ones or have a really busy job. A traditional trip bowling and then to the cinema or a night in a restaurant can get really pricy. So, to help you out, we’ve come up with eight cheap date ideas that won’t break the bank!

Mix things up in the kitchen

Once the kids are in bed, why not set yourselves a challenge in the kitchen by organising a Masterchef-style cook off? You could both prepare a dish of your choice and serve it to the other person - the more unusual the recipe the better! To save on money, you could even see what you can whip up using only what you’ve got in your cupboards? Now there’s a challenge!

Games night

Sticking with the staying in theme, why not embark on a games night – and we don’t mean the Playstation! You’re likely to have a few board games lying around the house, so dig out some of your favourites and get playing. Games like Monopoly, Operation, Guess Who or Battleship are all classics that are sure to get your competitive streak going!

Picnic in the park

A date doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you do in the evening, so if you’d rather allocate the weekend to spending time together, you could organise a picnic in the park (weather permitting of course). If the weather isn’t looking too great outside, you could always move the furniture around in your living room and have your picnic on the rug in front of the fire!

Mini road trip

If you’re rather do something a little more adventurous, why not pack up your car with goodies and head off on a mini road trip? You could explore a city near you, visit a national park or take a trip down to the beach – the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you split the driving and have a clear route picked out beforehand, as the last thing you’ll want to do is have a squabble about where to go on the motorway!

Attend a dance class

Taking inspiration from the film Silver Linings Playbook, why not set up dance classes for you and your partner? The thought of this may be a little daunting for you both but once you’ve had your first few classes we’re sure you’ll start to feel a little more comfortable! You may even discover a hidden talent!

There should be a few beginners dance classes in your area, but don’t jump at the first one you see. Enquire at a few different places and see which one offers you the best price.

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