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In recent years, smartphones have revolutionised the way we keep in touch, learn and manage our lives.

And it seems the rise of mobile banking has spawned a generation of careful budgeters. One in three mobile banking users check their account every single day, according to research by thinkmoney.

In fact, more than four out of five users (84%) check their online banking at least once a week, with 12% logging in two or more times a day, 15% once a week and 36% checking two or more times a week.

Overall, 41% of British adults use mobile banking - but we're likely to see this number rise rapidly as more people get to grips with the technology and understand the benefits of having 24/7 access to their accounts.

And smartphones have a lot more to offer than just mobile banking. There are plenty of apps out there that can help you budget, plan savings goals, find discount codes and much more.

Financial worries

It's quite likely that many people who check their mobile banking regularly are doing it out of worry, rather than simply trying to stay on top of their money.

If you find it hard to keep track of your finances, checking your online banking can be a nervous experience - not knowing whether you have enough money left for your food shopping, or whether you've been charged for going overdrawn this month.

The thinkmoney Current Account can make things simpler. It's an alternative to a bank account that takes care of your budgeting for you - setting aside money for bills and ensuring they're paid on time, and leaving you with cash that you know is safe to spend.

thinkmoney also offers a fully mobile-enabled online account management service, and you can receive updates and make changes to your account by text message.

The account is available for £10.00 a month (£15.00 for joint accounts), with no charges for missed or rejected payments. Find out more about thinkmoney here.

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