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Pets mean the world to many of us. We feed them, we walk them, we clean up after them - it wouldn’t be surprising if some of us love them more than our partners.

So when it comes to piling presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, many of us will be placing a special gift under there for the fluffy friend in our life.

The good news is that purchasing for pets is big business and there are plenty of options when it comes to treating them. Buying gifts can get a bit chaotic this time of year, so we thought we'd offer a helping hand with this guide to help you bag a bargain for your pet this Christmas.

These Christmas pet deals were found on 13/12/13 but prices may have been changed or items been removed by the retailer since then. Prices may or may not include VAT and postage and packaging.

Pooch presents

Eagerly bounding up to the front door when you get in from work - for the past year your four legged friend has given you love in abundance. Let's have a look at what you can give your loyal dog in return.

It's no secret that dogs love food, so why not indulge them with this Good Boy Christmas Dog Stocking filled with doggie treats like chocolate drops, turkey and cranberry bones and a chew. It’s available from Tesco at £3 each or two for a fiver. Tesco are also offering Good Boy Selection Boxes at £4.50 each or two for £7.

But that's just snacks - don’t forget your pooch when you sit down to Christmas dinner this year. They can tuck into their very own festive feast with this Christmas dinner in a can from Lily's Kitchen. It costs £2.49 and you can buy it directly from the website or from Ocado at the same price.

Let's not lie, after Christmas dinner many a chocolate shall be scoffed, so it's only fair that your pup gets in on the action too. Dogs can't have real chocolate but don’t worry - there are alternatives. Pet Supermarket have Good Boy Chocolate Allsorts for your dog at £4.66, down from £5.58, which include dog-friendly chocolate drops, milk drops, chocolate tennis ball and chocolate chew - and it's free delivery.

For the big day, you might want your pooch to be looking fittingly festive to impress Christmas visitors to your house. This elf hat is really cute and we think it’s a bit of a bargain at £3.99 from Pet Planet. If that's not enough and you want your dog to wholeheartedly get into the spirit of Christmas, you could go one step further with this cute little Santa hoodie. It's from Amazon at £12.49.

So that's the clothing and the food sorted for the big day but you'll probably want to buy your dog something to unwrap. Doggie Solutions have 20% off dog toys at the moment and have loads of Christmas themed gifts and treats.

Festive felines

For cat lovers out there, don’t worry - there are lots of ways you can show your kitty you care this Christmas with these cat deals.

Many of us look forward to sitting down to a traditional turkey roast - and your cat can also get a flavour of the feast with these turkey cat treats, stuffed with cranberry. For a bag of Lily's Kitchen Merry Little Cat Treats, VioVet have them on sale at £2.72 – down from £2.99. For more cat snacks, Tesco are also offering the same deal as dog treats with these Good Girl Cat Allsorts and Good Girl Cat Stockings. The Allsorts are two for £7 and the stockings, two for a fiver.

Like the kids this Christmas, your cat is probably going to want to play with some of their toys after festive food. We found this Catit Design Senses Play Circuit cat toy, which is a ball rolling inside a swirly track, encouraging your cat to chase after it - it looks like a lot of fun from the video and is reduced to £7.99 from £16.99. If you've got a bit of an adventure cat, check out this Stacking Box Playground in the sale at £24.90 from Zooplus. You get six boxes that you can stack together to make a variety of different play areas for your pet.

For the more nautical feline adventurer, help them don their 'sea paws' this Christmas by getting them this Kitty City Caribbean Cruiser for £11.99, down from £19.99. All the fun of the sea without a wet and irate kitty!

For cats that are content taking life that little bit slower, there are still gifts available. If your feline likes to sit and watch the world go by but isn't happy with the floor or window sill, we've got the perfect gift. It's a bit lavish but this Prince or Princess throne is sure to make any cat feel important on Christmas Day. They're from at £79.99.

Little treats for little pets

Just because they're small doesn’t mean we love them any less, so if you're after a treat for your hamster, gerbil or other fluffy little friend this Christmas, then you're in luck.

Pets at Home have got a three-for-two deal on Christmas gifts, which includes this Rotastak Small Animal Christmas Stocking. If you hang it up on Christmas morning, your little pet is sure to know that Santa has been. It comes with sweet delights like fruity shapes and choc drops, as well as some chews and toys - not bad for £4.

If you want your little rascal to have some extra bits for their stocking on Christmas morning, you can also buy some wooden Christmas nibbles for them for £1.29 a pack at The Pet Warehouse.

In all the excitement of the day, your little pet might find itself wanting some privacy from eyes peering through their cage bars. If this is the case, you can treat them to a home within a home with this little hamster house. It's also in the three-for-two deal at Pets at Home and comes in at £6 - and with insulated walls, your pet will be kept warm even if it gets a bit chilly this Christmas.

And finally, with deals for cats and dogs on Christmas dinner, we didn’t want to leave the little ones out. You wouldn’t want to over feed your hamster with a giant Christmas dinner, but at least make them feel a little involved with this fruit and veg Christmas cake. It's from The Pet Warehouse at £2.99 and looks pretty delicious.

Whether you decide to dress your dog up, hang a stocking for your hamster or get a throne for your feline, get in touch to let us know how you're celebrating Christmas with your pets. You can let us know through our Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter.

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