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It's Wimbledon time again! For two weeks, the nation will be transfixed by the world's tennis greats battling it out on our soil. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, grab a bowl of strawberries and cream and sit down with thinkmoney's 'Wimbledon by numbers'.

Wimbledon Infographic

484,805 people attended Wimbledon in 2012

54,250 balls used

15,000 seats at Centre Court

Over the course of Wimbledon, the crowd will consume…

1,420,000 strawberries

7,000 litres of cream

200,000 glasses of Pimms

25,000 bottles of champagne (fancy!)

Sumptuous strawberries!

Picked the day before they are served

£1.60 - the cost of a portion of strawberries and cream in 1990

£2.50 - the cost in 2013

Ball boys (and girls!)

15: average age

250 chosen from over 700 applicants

1985: the first year we saw ball girls on Centre Court

The Centre Court roof

1,000 tonnes

5,200 square metres

Takes between 8 and 10 minutes to close 290 million tennis balls could fit in Centre Court with the roof closed

Fastest serves

Men: 148mph - Taylor Dent in 2010

Women: 129mph - Venus Williams in 2008

Rufus the hawk

Released for one hour every morning of the Championships to deter pigeons

Longest match


11 hours and 5 minutes played over 3 days

John Isner (USA) vs. Nicolas Mahut (France)

123 balls used

The grass

Cut to an optimum length of 8mm

1 ton of grass seed used each year

3,000 gallons of water used on the grass

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