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We all know how hard it can be to find a swimsuit to suit your body shape, there’s so many different styles, cuts and patterns that things can get rather overwhelming. But to help make your life a little easier this summer, we’ve put together this guide of budget-friendly swimwear for hourglass, apple, pear and rectangle body shapes. So without further ado, let’s get started with part 1 of our guide…*


An hourglass figure has voluptuous curves and a tiny waist. Think that’s you? If so, have a look at the following swimsuits to flatter your figure:

Look 1: The retro pin-up look works rather well for the hourglass shape, so why not go for something like this coral top and bottom set from F&F at Tesco when browsing? The bikini top will give you support and the high waisted briefs will flatter your bottom half, all the while drawing attention to your waist – win-win!

Look 2: More of a bikini chick? Well, reader we’d like you to introduce you to the bandeau bikini, we think you two are going to get on swimmingly! We kid, but seriously something like this bandeau bikini from Primark will help draw attention to your curves and flatter your figure in all the right places. This one from Primark is only £6, what a find!

Look 3: Cinch in your waist with this body sculpting swimsuit from George at Asda. You’ll look stunning strutting your stuff in this polka dot swimsuit across the sands and at £12 – who’s complaining!

Apple shape

Apple shaped figures are top heavy while their legs and arms remain slim. Still not picturing it? Think Catherine Zeta-Jones or Kate Winslet. For swimsuits that even these Hollywood starlets would be jealous off, check these out…

Look 1: Take a walk on the wild side in this animal print swimsuit from F&F at Tesco. The mesh detailing on this cosy will accentuate your waist, while the print will help you to stand out from the crowd!

Look 2: A bikini top and bottom set like this from George at Asda, will help you embrace your inner on-screen goddess while lounging by the pool. A bikini like this will give you support on the bust and accentuate your curves. At just £13, it’s quite the bargain too!

Look 3: Coral is one of the colours of the season, so show off your style credentials with this stylish swimsuit from F&F at Tesco. This figure-flattering suit is only £17 and will compliment your top half with its ruche detailing. Pair with a tan and you’ll add a touch of glamour to any beach!

So there you have it, we’ve made it through part one of our affordable swimwear guide. If you’re a pear or rectangle body shape (not quite sure what you are? Click here) then make sure to check in next week for part two of our guide.

*Prices correct at time of writing – 24/06/15

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