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April 2012

Project Oscar: joint venture 'could hold back mobile payments market'

30 April 2012

Project Oscar - a joint venture between some of the UK's mobile networks - could play a big part in the uptake of mobile banking. However, some experts have raised concerns that it could actually hold back the technology.

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O2 Wallet: the latest move in mobile banking

27 April 2012

As mobile banking becomes increasingly widespread, the O2 Wallet aims to 'transform' the way users manage their finances.

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Could 'silver surfers' be making more of internet banking?

26 April 2012

Worries about security, among other factors, are preventing a lot of over-65s from enjoying the benefits of internet banking.

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Mobile banking "won't kill card payments"

25 April 2012

Mobile banking is big - and growing - but we won't see the end of plastic anytime soon. A look at the future as predicted by Visa.

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Is it time to switch your bank account?

24 April 2012

A survey suggests that many people don't bother switching current accounts, so we look at the milestones in your life when it might be a good time to consider switching.

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People who plan ahead financially 'save £600 more per year than worriers.'

23 April 2012

Many British people are getting themselves into 'a cycle of financial fret' and spend more time worrying about money than saving it.

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Bank of England policymaker: 'economy stronger than it looks'

20 April 2012

The Bank of England's Adam Posen has said that Britain's economy is in better shape than upcoming data is likely to show - which could be encouraging news for people in the year ahead.

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thinkmoney's guide to insurance

20 April 2012

Read the thinkmoney guide to insurance for a run-down of some of the most common insurance policies and why you might need them.

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Could 'hidden' card charges add to your holiday costs?

19 April 2012

A new survey has found that British holidaymakers pay £260 million a year in 'hidden' charges when taking out cash on their credit and debit cards abroad.

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Bank accounts: interest rates 'penalising savers'

18 April 2012

A Treasury Committee report has acknowledged that today's low interest rates are 'penalising savers' - but not everyone will see interest rates as the main issue when they're choosing a bank account.

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UK 'more concerned about unsecured debt'

17 April 2012

As people's 'tolerance' to high levels of debt changes, we look at how a basic bank account can help you to manage your finances.

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Mobile banking: phone networks to provide mobile 'wallets'

16 April 2012

'Mobile wallets' allow bank account holders to make payments by simply swiping their mobile phone over a payment point. Now it seems the mobile phone networks themselves are looking to provide their own 'wallets' to customers.

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41% 'cautious about online banking'

13 April 2012

With increasing numbers of people banking and shopping online, it seems that many still have reservations about just how secure making financial transactions on the internet can be.

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Government funds Big Society Capital with dormant bank account cash

12 April 2012

The Government is using £400 million of unclaimed cash from dormant bank accounts to fund social enterprises and charities in the UK.

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Banking safety: top tips on ATM use

11 April 2012

Taking a few simple precautions should seriously reduce the risk of falling foul of fraudsters at the ATM.

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Bank account fraud prompts calls for security reviews

10 April 2012

CIFAS, the UK's fraud prevention service, has called for a review of online security practices following high levels of bank account fraud last year.

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Internet banking 'is no. 1'

5 April 2012

Round-the-clock access is just one of the features that makes online banking the most popular use of the internet, with almost 60% of respondents showing they use online banking, a new survey shows.

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38% of UK adults 'admit to neglecting their finances'

4 April 2012

More than a third of people in the UK admit to neglecting their finances, according to research by Scottish Widows. But what steps should you take to start regaining control?

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Will we see more QE from the Bank of England?

3 April 2012

The Bank of England may be placed under pressure to do another round of quantitative easing if rumours that the UK economy slipped back into recession this year are true.

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Mobile banking use 'will increase threefold by 2016'

2 April 2012

With smartphones in the pockets of a rapidly growing number of bank account holders, it's expected that mobile banking will become more and more popular over the next few years.

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Bank holidays on a budget

2 April 2012

Here are a few ideas to help you have fun over the bank holiday without splashing the cash too much!

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