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April 2014

thinkmoney Inspirational Student 2014 - Nominate a Student to Win £1,833

30 April 2014

thinkmoney is looking for one student to have help paying towards their living expenses for a term. Make your nomination now.

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What's your attitude to borrowing money?

28 April 2014

While some are scared of credit, others rely on it to get by. What’s your attitude to borrowing money?

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How a traditional housekeeping budget could make managing money simpler

23 April 2014

While nearly every home used to have one, housekeeping allowances are no longer that popular. However, they can be useful tools for budgeting with.

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Online banking: banish rear-view budgeting

17 April 2014

Why ‘rear-view mirror’ banking is bad news for good budgeting.

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Is poor budgeting preventing people from saving?

16 April 2014

Most people think it’s important to save every month, but many aren’t doing this. Could poor budgeting be behind the problem?

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Time to spring clean your finances?

14 April 2014

If you’re planning to spring clean your home, why not your finances too? By clearing out the clutter you could save a bundle.

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Planning an Easter holiday

11 April 2014

thinkmoney makes planning your holiday spending money easier, thanks to its currency ordering service and travelcard.

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Card fraud on the rise

10 April 2014

Card fraud is on the rise, but you don’t have to be a victim of it. Follow our steps to keep your money safe.

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Cheques going out of style

8 April 2014

Chip and PIN and online banking means that cheques are no longer the popular method of payment they once were.

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The thinkmoney guide to NISAs

7 April 2014

The introduction of NISAs was announced in this year’s Budget. So, what does this mean for savers?

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Countdown to the new £1

4 April 2014

The new £1 coin has its roots in history but cutting-edge technology at its heart. Its design, meanwhile, could be down to you.

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Suds on Sunday: Do you still wash your own car?

2 April 2014

More car owners are choosing to take their vehicle to a valet service or automatic car wash, rather than doing it themselves.

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