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August 2012

How can you get the best interest rates on your bank account?

30 August 2012

Savers must act quickly to get the best returns on their bank accounts.

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A big step forward for mobile payments?

29 August 2012

Everything Everywhere has a customer base of 27 million. The Mastercard Worldwide Network processes over 23 billion transactions every year. Now they're teaming up to supply mobile payment services together.

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Overdraft interest 'fails to fall in line with base rate'

28 August 2012

Evidence has emerged that the interest rate charged on many overdrafts has failed to fall in line with the Bank of England base rate.

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79% of households on a budget 'regardless of income'

24 August 2012

In the current climate, more and more people are struggling to stay on top of their finances, but having a well-planned budget in place could make a big difference.

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Savers 'seeking alternatives' to banks

23 August 2012

Where do you put your money if you want to make it grow? Today's low interest rates are one reason some savers are putting their money in businesses rather than bank accounts.

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Online payments: how to keep your money safe

23 August 2012

How do you keep yourself and your money safe when making online payments?

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Consumer group Which? says free banking is 'a myth'

21 August 2012

Consumer group Which? agrees with the BoE's Andrew Bailey that free banking is a 'myth', but disagrees with bringing in bank charges for everyone.

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Today is 'Bills Freedom Day'

20 August 2012

20th August is this year's 'Bills Freedom Day' - when the average worker has earned enough to cover all their tax payments, housing costs and household bills, according to protection specialist Bright Grey.

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How could budgeting leave your bank account £1,000 better off?

17 August 2012

Half an hour of budgeting a week could leave you almost £1,000 better off every year - and there are several straightforward budgeting methods that could help you.

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Student bank accounts: what should you look out for?

16 August 2012

When choosing a student bank account, it may help to look out for a number of important features.

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Bank accounts: interest vs. inflation

15 August 2012

Today, you will not find a single no-notice account that pays enough interest to combat the effects of inflation and tax.

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Banking in the UK compared with the rest of the world

14 August 2012

A global survey of nearly 30,000 bank account customers reveals that many people feel less confident about their bank than they used to, which could be encouraging them to switch bank accounts.

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Interest-free overdrafts - more harm than good?

13 August 2012

Many students couldn't do without their interest-free overdrafts. But experts have pointed out that they can prove very expensive when it comes to paying them back.

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How could the BoE's Inflation Report affect your cash?

10 August 2012

The latest Inflation Report from the Bank of England has revealed its latest predictions for the UK economy - and here we look at exactly how your finances could be affected.

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Money-saving tips for when you move home

10 August 2012

Moving house can be stressful, and so is wasting money, so minimise the damage to your wallet with our tips for moving house on a shoe-string.

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Skimming: how to protect your bank account

8 August 2012

Skimming is a crime. Here is a look at what it is, how it works and - most importantly - how to protect yourself against it.

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Bank of Grandma and Granddad

7 August 2012

You've heard of the 'bank of Mum and Dad'. Now adults are turning to the 'bank of Grandma and Granddad' as the recession bites: a growing phenomenon of adult children turning to their parents for financial help.

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Could your children teach you a thing or two about saving?

6 August 2012

Three quarters of children now have their own bank account, according to research - and many of them are better at saving than adults.

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Forgotten bank accounts contain 'billions of pounds'

2 August 2012

Seven million British people think they might have money in a building society or bank account that they've forgotten about.

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Are savers set to face even lower returns on their money?

1 August 2012

A cut in the base rate could hit savers hard when it comes to getting the best returns on their money held in current accounts. However, there are other accounts that could help.

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