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August 2013

Chequing out - is the end of the cheque in sight?

30 August 2013

There's been a lot of debate about whether cheques should be a feature of modern-day banking. Following some research, we found that age plays a big part in people's attitudes to chequebooks.

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thinkmoney clears up the confusion surrounding basic bank accounts

27 August 2013

Basic bank accounts could help people who can't get an account elsewhere. However, many people do not know some important details of what basic accounts actually are.

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13 handy 'back to school' deals for September 2013

23 August 2013

Get kids' clothing, stationery, books, backpacks and everything else they might need for school for a bit less with these back to school offers. We've found some back to school deals from all over the web.

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Are people's bank account needs changing?

22 August 2013

Our priorities when it comes to bank accounts are changing, research by thinkmoney has found.

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Playing supermarkets at their own game: four techniques used by Brits

21 August 2013

The weekly food shop can be quite an expensive venture nowadays. We found that over half of us shop at the same supermarket regularly, which could be costing much more than it has to.

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3 million British people never feel in control of their money

15 August 2013

It's normal to feel out of control of your finances from time to time, but some people in the UK always feel like they're out of control. If you can relate to this, you might be able to improve your situation by drawing up a proper budget.

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How do you budget for bills?

14 August 2013

Do you have your own system in place to budget for your bills? Or do you not budget at all? After some research, we found that nearly 39 million Brits budget for their bills.

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4 million haven't visited a bank branch for over a year

13 August 2013

With mobile and online banking on the rise, it seems that many of us are happy to do our banking without setting foot in a branch.

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Over a third of mobile banking users check their account more than once a day

9 August 2013

Checking your bank account on your mobile is a good way to stay on top of your money - so it's reassuring to see that millions of British people check their accounts in this way at least once a week.

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Change in law could make it easier for bankrupts to open a bank account

7 August 2013

People who are bankrupt often struggle to access basic financial services, but new legislation being considered by the government could change that.

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A simple guide to bedroom tax

2 August 2013

Are you affected by bedroom tax? If you're not sure, find out by reading thinkmoney's detailed guide to bedroom tax. It explains what bedroom tax is, why it is coming into force, and what might happen if you're affected.

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