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August 2014

“What do you earn and what do you weigh?” Which questions get your back up?

26 August 2014

Financial questions make more people feel uncomfortable than personal queries about weight or age.

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What makes you overspend?

18 August 2014

Do you regularly act on impulse and spend more than you’d intended at the shops? This overspending could soon mount up – without you even realising.

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Is this the end of an era for bank branches?

15 August 2014

When checking your balance, do you opt to do so online or pop into a branch? It seems more and more of us are choosing to stay at home and bank via the internet, so are branches becoming a dying breed?

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The great energy switch

14 August 2014

Do you tend to stick to the same energy supplier year after year? Switching could save you hundreds, and doing it might be easier than you think.

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Have your Attitudes to Charity Changed Recently?

11 August 2014

Why do half of people in their peak earning years stop making regular donations to charity?

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Kids left feeling the squeeze as pocket money drops

6 August 2014

You may think adults are the only ones really feeling the squeeze this year, but it seems children are facing some financial troubles of their own.

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The UK’S Best and Worst Tippers Revealed

4 August 2014

Research conducted on behalf of thinkmoney reveals the UK’s best and worst tippers by age, location and profession.

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