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February 2012

0.5% bank rate sees homeowners '£500 billion better off'

29 February 2012

Bank of England figures suggest homeowners are better off by thousands of pounds each following interest cuts.

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How could 'mobile wallets' change the way we pay?

28 February 2012

Vodafone has unveiled a new 'mobile wallet' payment system for smartphones, which could let users make pay for items with just a swipe of their handset - and could transform the way we pay the world over.

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Bank account customers struggle to switch, EU study shows

27 February 2012

A recent mystery shopping exercise by the EU showed just how difficult it can be to switch bank account - which could help to explain why so few people ever do switch.

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Banks warned 'hidden frauds' on the rise

24 February 2012

Fraud experts from FICO and Equifax have warned banks that, as card fraud has fallen in the last 10 years, criminals are now turning to 'hidden fraud'.

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Smartphone banking for all banks 'by the end of 2012'

23 February 2012

The UK Payments Council says that an industry-wide initiative allowing all bank customers with smartphones to make mobile payments will be introduced by the end of 2012.

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Savers - be cautious when investing

22 February 2012 reports that many savers were angry when they learned that their low risk 'structured investments' weren't always risk free.

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Are more banks set to launch pay-by-mobile services?

21 February 2012

Could pay-by-mobile services become the future of banking? The launch of Pingit, which allows users to make payments using the recipient's mobile phone number, is set to change the way many people bank.

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How much money is in your bank account after bills?

20 February 2012

Research has found that one in five people have no money left over after paying their bills. But how can you make the most of the money you do have?

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Could the banking sector face a 'break up'?

17 February 2012

The head of the OFT has urged banks to make it easier for customers to switch accounts - or face 'radical' changes.

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How will a halt in interest rates affect bank accounts?

16 February 2012

The Bank of England says interest rates are unlikely to rise before 2014. How could the predicted halt in interest rates affect bank accounts?

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Savings account - interest rates or access?

15 February 2012

When you're choosing a bank account for your savings, you may have to choose between higher interest or easy access to your money. Read more here.

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How will inflation's 14-month low affect savers?

14 February 2012

Inflation in the UK has hit the lowest level since November 2010 - providing a welcome boost for many people's savings pots.

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Fifth of young low-earners 'couldn't survive a month without their job'

13 February 2012

A fifth of low-earners in the 16-29 age group wouldn't have enough money in their bank accounts to get through the month if they lost their jobs, research has found.

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Bank account customers' details 'being sold for £19'

10 February 2012

Criminals could be able to get hold of UK bank account customers' details, after an investigation revealed Russian websites are selling passwords and PINs for just £19.

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More Quantitative Easing expected from Bank of England

9 February 2012

A further round of quantitative easing is likely as the Bank of England tries to boost the UK economy. However, there are fears that QE could devalue the average pension pot. Read more here.

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Most people 'worried about bank balance within 17 days of payday'

8 February 2012

Money worries are making us a nation of obsessive bank balance checkers, according to research by Halifax, and these worries tend to kick in around 17 days after payday.

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Mobile internet access growing: are you keeping your details safe?

7 February 2012

Recent research shows that more people are accessing the internet by mobile phone - but many could be putting their bank account and other online accounts at risk because they don't know how to protect their personal data.

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British Gas accidentally takes double from 20,000 bank accounts

6 February 2012

British Gas left more than 20,000 customers out of pocket when it accidentally 'double-billed' their bank accounts last week - leaving some with expensive overdraft fees.

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Sophisticated online bank account hacking uncovered

3 February 2012

The BBC reports on a new sophisticated hacking technique called 'Man in the Browser' (MitB) which allows criminals to steal money from your bank account without your knowledge.

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How expensive is your overdraft?

2 February 2012

How expensive is your overdraft? The latest figures from the Bank of England suggest the average authorised overdraft charges 19.47% interest. So thinkbanking asks, is there an alternative?

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Simple passwords 'could put online banking security at risk'

1 February 2012

Setting simple passwords or writing them down and not keeping them safe is putting many people's online security at risk - and that includes online banking.

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