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February 2014

Is saving worth it?

27 February 2014

Interest rates are historically low, so is it still worth opening a savings account?

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Saving for your kids

26 February 2014

We all want to provide for our kids, but what’s the best way of ensuring they’re secure in the future as well as now?

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Shock findings on debt burden

24 February 2014

Low interest rates may have made borrowing attractive, but it could be worth chipping away at debts now before interest rates rise.

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How to get a great deal on a rental property this year

21 February 2014

With millions of people renting, how can you make sure you get the best deal from your potential landlord?

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Weathering the storm

20 February 2014

The UK has taken a battering from the recent storms, and the damage will costs an estimated multi-billion sum to put right.

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Renting your home? What’s in store this year

19 February 2014

More renters are seeing the price they pay for their home shooting up, but demand is also on the rise.

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Thinking of buying your first home this year?

18 February 2014

Although more lenders are lending to people with small deposits, house prices continue to rise – so is it any easier for first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder?

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Divorce and your finances

14 February 2014

There was an increase in divorce figures in 2012 – were money worries at the heart of it?

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Treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day

12 February 2014

Want to spoil that special someone this year? Well you can do - and without breaking the bank - by checking out these great deals.

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Are joint bank accounts becoming less popular?

10 February 2014

This Valentine’s Day, opening a joint bank account could be a good way of showing your partner you’re serious about your future together.

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