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January 2012

16 year olds 'should get mandatory bank accounts'

31 January 2012

The CEO of CISI, a global securities and investment company, says the Government should go further in educating teenagers about personal finances, with budgeting lessons in school and a mandatory bank account when they turn 16.

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Financial Services Bill: how could it change banking?

30 January 2012

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled details of the new Financial Services Bill, designed to overhaul current banking regulation.

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Contactless banking could soon come to the UK

27 January 2012

The first contactless ATMs are being rolled out across Barcelona and could come to the UK if they prove successful.

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10% of adults 'still have childhood bank account'

26 January 2012

10% of UK adults still have their childhood bank account, and more than 25% of people have had their main current account for over 26 years, according to research from Halifax.

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Digital banking: the 'norm' by 2015?

18 January 2012

Technology is growing at a rapid rate, and altering the way we live along with it. This includes the way we manage our money, with digital banking expected to become commonplace by 2015. But what could it actually offer, and what digital 'perks' are people looking for?

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Consumer group wants simple and cheap bank overdraft charges

17 January 2012

Consumer group Which? is calling on the new financial regulator (FCA) to put an end to "exorbitant and complicated" overdraft fees. The British Bankers' Association response is simple: don't use an unauthorised overdraft.

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The thinkmoney guide to types of savings account

13 January 2012

Choosing the right type of savings account for your needs is important. If you're wondering about the best way to save money, read this guide to help you decide which type of savings account is right for you.

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£250,000 appears in your bank account - what would you do?

12 January 2012

It might sound like a dream come true to find a quarter of a million pounds in your bank account, but for Leo Benedictus, it was a stressful experience.

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Branson: 'free' banking should have quotation marks

10 January 2012

With Virgin Money set to offer current accounts with free banking, founder Sir Richard Branson has said customers would pay less by accepting a small upfront fee, rather than 'hidden charges'.

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Cutting costs in the kitchen

6 January 2012

Our busy lives don't leave us with as much time to spend in the kitchen as many of us would like, but following a few of these tips could help you get the most out of your meals - and your money!

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Banking customers to benefit from faster payments

3 January 2012

Waiting for up to three days to receive payments transferred into your account is set to become a thing of the past, as a new one-day payment rule will speed the payments system up.

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