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January 2014

Nearly a million people paid £200 or more in bank charges last year

31 January 2014

Nearly 1 million Brits paid over £200 in bank charges in 2013, and 258,000 paid more than £500!

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Is poor budgeting preventing you from paying your bills?

27 January 2014

1 in 3 Brits have missed paying a bill immediately because they couldn’t afford to. Could a lack of budgeting be behind this?

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Have you forgotten your PIN?

20 January 2014

Forgotten and lost PIN numbers are a common problem, according to new research from thinkmoney. But there is a solution at hand.

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The Who’s Who of UK Banknotes

15 January 2014

You look at them every day, but can you name all the historic figures that appear on your banknotes? Our infographic teaches you more.

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How to avoid the embarrassment of having your card declined

14 January 2014

It can be embarrassing having your credit or debit card declined at the check-out. But the problem is more common than you might think – and there are ways to avoid it.

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Drive a bargain with these winter motoring deals

10 January 2014

Kit your car out for the chilly months with our helpful guide. We've put together some of the best motoring deals we could find to keep you on the road this winter.

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5m Brits have walked away from the cashpoint without their cash

8 January 2014

Leaving money poking out of the cashpoint because you forgot to pick it up is more common than you’d think – with one in 10 of us admitting to the mistake.

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