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January 2016

What to do if a cash machine gives you the wrong money

31 January 2016

You could be prosecuted for theft if you knowingly take money from a cash machine that is giving out too much.

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Should I consolidate my pension pots?

30 January 2016

Do you have a few workplace pensions to your name? We’ll take you through whether you should consolidate these into one.

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Get cheaper car insurance by renewing early

29 January 2016

New research claims that the cheapest time to buy your car insurance cover is three weeks before you need it to start.

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Copycat websites: how to avoid them

28 January 2016

When searching to apply for a holiday visa or car tax, a number of websites pop up – here’s how to identify the copycats.

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Winter fashion 2016: Stay warm in style

27 January 2016

With the recent cold snap, we thought we’d run you through how to stay stylish (and most importantly, warm) for less this winter.

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E.ON to cut standard gas prices by 5%

26 January 2016

After pressure from regulator Ofgem, energy giant E.ON has announced a reduction to its standard gas prices.

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Air Passenger Duty scrapped for under-16s

25 January 2016

From March, children under the age of 16 will no longer pay Air Passenger Duty on flights that depart from the UK.

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Why you shouldn’t lend your car to family or friends

24 January 2016

You could face a fine and potentially disqualification from driving if you allow an uninsured family member or friend to drive your car.

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Homebuyer deposit scam: what to look out for

23 January 2016

A new scam seeks to rob homebuyers of their deposit – stay informed by reading our guide.

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How to get rid of cold callers

22 January 2016

New legislation could bring us one step closer to getting rid of calls from companies you don’t know – or at least stop them from getting through.

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Protect yourself against ransomware

21 January 2016

Ransomware is a virus used to blackmail its victims – here’s what you should look out for.

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Get fit for 2016: affordable gym wear for men

20 January 2016

This week we take you through our budget-friendly gym wear picks for men.

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Pension fund: what are your options?

19 January 2016

New figures reveal that two-thirds of Britons are accessing all of their pension pot under new rules – but what other options do they have?

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Blue Monday 2016: how to cheer up your finances

18 January 2016

Don’t feel down in the dumps this Blue Monday, start the year on a high by getting your finances back into the black.

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What 2016 could mean for your finances

17 January 2016

We’re taking you through what 2016 could have in store for you financially.

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Beware of social engineering fraud

16 January 2016

Fraud has been getting a lot more personal in recent years, with criminals using social engineering to dupe their victims.

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Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 to stay protected

15 January 2016

From January 12th, Microsoft ended support for versions 8, 9 and 10 of their Internet Explorer web browser.

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How you can save on your train tickets

14 January 2016

Don’t worry about the recent train ticket price hike, we’re going to take you through how to save on rail fares.

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Get fit for 2016: affordable gym wear for women

13 January 2016

If 2016 is the year you’ve vowed to get fit, then our affordable gym wear guide could help you.

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Could you claim for mis-sold PPI on a store card?

12 January 2016

Let’s go through whether you could claim mis-sold PPI on an old store card.

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Changes to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

11 January 2016

The FSCS’s deposit protection limit changed on January 1st. We’ll take you through what this could mean for you.

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Money resolutions for New Year 2016

10 January 2016

If you’ve not thought about your New Year’s resolutions just yet, we’ve got some money-saving ones for you to consider.

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Claiming compensation if your train is delayed

9 January 2016

Whether you’ve had problems over the festive period or on the daily commute, we’re taking you through how to claim compensation for train delays or cancellations.

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How to declare your vehicle off the road and claim cash back

8 January 2016

If you’re not currently driving your car, you’ll need a Statutory Off Road Notification.

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Cash Genie goes into liquidation – here’s how to claim

7 January 2016

If you were a customer of the payday lender, you could be due compensation.

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January sales 2016: our top fashion picks

6 January 2016

Looking to nab yourself a bargain this January? Here are our top picks.

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How to make your money last until the January payday

5 January 2016

Now that the festive season is behind us, here’s how to make your money last until the next payday.

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How to switch your mobile phone network

4 January 2016

Looking to save money this year? Switching your mobile network could hold the answer.

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Save up for your summer holiday now

3 January 2016

It’s never too early to start saving for your summer holiday – here’s a few tips on how to get started.

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HMRC launches new digital personal tax accounts

2 January 2016

Self-employed? You’ll soon be able to manage your personal tax accounts online now that HMRC have announced plans to go digital.

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Start saving for Christmas 2016 now

1 January 2016

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas 2016 – here’s how you can start saving for next year.

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