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July 2011

Top 10 Summer Budgeting Tips

27 July 2011

There are many ways to be a clever budgeter: you could bag a summer bargain at a car-boot sale or by shopping online. Here are ten useful summer savings tips to give you a few ideas...

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Don't let debt affect your health

22 July 2011

Many people are in debt in the UK, but have you ever considered how debt affects your mental health? Not all debts are 'bad'. Millions of people take on debts like a mortgage or car loan and are quite able to repay that debt comfortably...

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The Importance of Savings

15 July 2011

Here at thinkmoney, we think it's a good idea to have the equivalent of three months' salary set aside in case your income drops or you run into any other financial problems. It might not always be achievable, but it's certainly something worth aiming for...

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Am I entitled to benefits?

8 July 2011

From Income Support and Jobseekers' Allowance to In Work Credit and the upcoming Universal Credit - some benefits are well known, while others are anything but. Here's an overview that could help you claim what you're entitled to...

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