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July 2013

9 easy ways to encourage your child to save

29 July 2013

There are a lot of ways to encourage your children to save money for their future. 30% of parents choose to do this by using a moneybox or piggybank. thinkmoney explores different ways to teach your children to save.

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The holiday overspending that costs us £2.7 billion

24 July 2013

There's a temptation to spend more than you can afford when on holiday - and we found that this could be costing us £2.7 billion.

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29 hot summer deals: offers on barbeques, garden furniture, paddling pools and more

19 July 2013

Helen has put together a huge list of deals to help you have fun in the sun for less over the summer. Make the most of this weather while it lasts! We've included barbeque deals, garden furniture deals, offers on outdoor toys and lots of other fun stuff too.

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Summer childcare: 8 million parents rely on family and friends

18 July 2013

The summer holidays mean working parents everywhere will have to find some kind of childcare. We found that nearly 8 million parents will look to family and friends.

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Want to make your holiday money go further?

17 July 2013

We already help you manage your money at home - now we're helping you make more of your finances on holiday, too. Introducing our new travel money service!

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What financial type are you?

12 July 2013

Do you feel confident when it comes to money? Are you OK with the theory - but not the practice? A few tips on improving your financial skills.

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How to do your own financial research

11 July 2013

Do you know what's involved in researching financial products and services? Do you know where to look if you need guidance or advice? If you don't, you're not alone. thinkmoney explains what's usually involved in financial research.

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One in five only just get by on their income

10 July 2013

Research for thinkmoney has found that more than 9 million people are only just able to cover their living costs, and have completely run out of cash in the past as a result.

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Helen's purrfect pet deals

5 July 2013

The new advert for our thinkmoney Personal Account involves lots of creatures great and small! That's inspired us to look for pet deals this week, including food, toys and accommodation.

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Over 30 million don’t feel their finances are under control

2 July 2013

Being in control of personal finances means you're probably aware of where your money is being spent, but after doing some research, we found that over 60% of us don't feel our finances are under control.

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Wimbledon by numbers

1 July 2013

Do you know how many strawberries are sold at Wimbledon? How many tennis balls they use? How much cream? Why you might see a hawk circling Centre Court? It's all here in thinkmoney 's 'Wimbledon by numbers'.

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