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July 2015

Should I pay in the local currency when I’m away?

31 July 2015

Some restaurants and shops might give you the option to pay in pounds using your debit card – find out what you should do.

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Is the TV licence fee worth it?

30 July 2015

A quarter of Brits want the BBC to have adverts to get rid of the TV licence – do you agree with them?

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The hot list – July top fashion buys for under £20

29 July 2015

Our monthly list of all things fashion, will give you the rundown of the best on the high street.

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Should you get a joint bank account?

28 July 2015

If you and your partner share finances, then a joint bank account could be for you.

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Notice of Variation - Important changes to the Terms and Conditions of your thinkmoney Account and Card

28 July 2015

Find out what's changing with your thinkmoney Personal Account.

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Take the family out for free this summer

27 July 2015

For activities that the whole family will be able to enjoy this summer, read our guide.

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Will you be able to afford your mortgage if interest rates rise?

26 July 2015

Paying off a mortgage? Will you be able to cope if your monthly payments rise?

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Don’t be fooled by an online dating scam

25 July 2015

The dating game can be daunting enough without having to worry about falling into the trap of a dating scam – so here’s how to keep your wits about you.

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How much is your overdraft costing you?

24 July 2015

New research has revealed that people who used an overdraft paid an average of £73 in charges last year.

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Find out about the Online Account Management changes

23 July 2015

Our new Online Account Management services helps you manage your money on mobile, tablet and PC.

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Three easy-to-do hairstyles for the summer

22 July 2015

Beat the heat this summer with our quick and easy hairstyles.

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Spending three-quarters of your income on rent?

21 July 2015

If your biggest bill is your rent, you’re probably looking at ways to reduce this.

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Managing budgeting with multiple incomes

20 July 2015

Don’t get confused when you’ve got different amounts coming in – budgeting doesn’t need to be complicated.

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How to save on your car insurance if you’re an older driver

19 July 2015

Car insurance is more expensive for older drivers now than it was this time last year.

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Money-saving activities for the summer

18 July 2015

A list of fun and money-saving ideas to do with the family over the summer holidays.

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Saving money this festival season – part 2

17 July 2015

Find out where you can get a budget tent and sleeping bag, as well as what you’ll need to take with you.

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Are you wasting money on an unused gym membership?

16 July 2015

Stop paying for a gym membership that you don’t use and get fit for free.

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Top 6 budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses

15 July 2015

Get inspiration from our selection of budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses.

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Apple Pay launches in the UK – find out how you could use it

14 July 2015

Are you an iPhone 6 user? You could now use your phone to shop.

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Saving money this festival season – part 1

13 July 2015

If you’re looking forward to three days in a muddy field, here’s what you’ll need to take.

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Unlucky for some? Quirky date ideas for under £13

12 July 2015

You don’t need to spend over the odds to have an interesting date night!

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The charges that drive you mad

11 July 2015

If you hate annoying charges, find out how you could avoid them!

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Avoid being scammed by vishing fraudsters

10 July 2015

What’s ‘vishing’ and how can you make sure you’re not tricked out of your money?

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Find out how the summer 2015 Budget affects your finances

9 July 2015

Will you have more or less money in your pocket after the changes?

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How to prioritise your outgoings

8 July 2015

If you don’t know where your money goes, you could be prioritising your outgoings incorrectly.

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Ladies listen up! Here’s how to wear white this summer

7 July 2015

Unless you’re on the tennis court, white can be a scary colour to wear. But don’t worry, we’ve got some top tips to help you embrace the colour of the season.

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Make some extra cash by taking in an overseas student

6 July 2015

Thinking about taking in an overseas student but don’t know where to start? Follow our guide.

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How to save money in July

5 July 2015

Looking to save on your bills, shopping or days out this July? We’ve got you covered.

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Budgeting tips for mature students

4 July 2015

If you’re thinking about going to uni as a mature student, find out how you can manage the cost of this.

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Food prices fall, but where’s really cheapest to shop?

3 July 2015

With supermarket prices falling, how can you save on your shopping bill?

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Carer’s allowance - what are you entitled to?

2 July 2015

Although rewarding, a carer’s job is incredibly difficult. That’s why there’s financial support available to people who are in this situation.

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Affordable ladies swimwear for every body shape - part 2

1 July 2015

This week in our ladies swimwear guide, we’re focusing on pear and rectangle body shapes!

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