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June 2012

Bank accounts: could interest rates fall further?

27 June 2012

The interest paid by bank accounts could fall, as the Bank of England is advised to think about dropping its base rate even further.

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Households optimistic - despite lower bank account balances

25 June 2012

Falling wages and difficult economic conditions didn't phase UK households in June, as optimism regarding household finances reached the highest level in two years.

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15 major banks have credit ratings downgraded

22 June 2012

The credit ratings agency Moody's has lowered the credit ratings of 15 major banks - which could affect banking customers' borrowing options further down the line.

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Poor returns for savers means they 'lose £18bn a year'

21 June 2012

The all-time-low base rate of 0.5% means that savers are getting lower returns from their current accounts, savings accounts and cash ISAs.

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Cash withdrawals without a bank card

20 June 2012

When it comes to cash withdrawals, people and banks want speed, convenience and security. A new smartphone service promises just that.

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Basic bank accounts needed for the 2.5 billion 'unbanked'

19 June 2012

Basic bank accounts without credit checks should be more accessible, especially when 2.5 billion people in the world don't have a bank account.

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Mobile payments could make buying bus and train tickets simpler

18 June 2012

Commuters will be able to purchase tickets using their mobile phone in the near future, as mobile payments become more widespread.

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George Osborne reveals measures to 'defend our economy'

15 June 2012

The £140bn scheme is intended to help the economy avoid a second credit crunch.

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'Historic overhaul' of British banks to be announced by Osborne

14 June 2012

Chancellor George Osborne will today announce measures to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis in the UK, following some of the recommendations set out in last year's Vickers Report.

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How much do you pay for your bank account?

13 June 2012

A packaged bank account might benefit people who regularly experience unexpected charges on their current account.

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British Bankers' Association appoints new head

12 June 2012

The British Bankers' Association is appointing Boris Johnson's former adviser as its new chief executive.

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Frugal Father's Day

12 June 2012

In these tough times, it's important to think about how you could celebrate Father's Day without leaving a dent in your finances.

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Current account fraud up during first quarter

11 June 2012

A report by credit reference agency Experian suggests that current account fraud reached a three-year peak in the first quarter of this year.

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British banks underperforming rest of the world

8 June 2012

A new study into the global banking market by a management consulting firm indicates that today, more of the world's biggest banks are in Asia than Western Europe.

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Can future bank bail-outs be avoided?

7 June 2012

The 'European Commission for EU-wide rules for bank recovery and resolution' has proposed new 'crisis management' measures to try and avoid any more bank bail-outs.

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Banking: protection in the future

6 June 2012

New rules aim to protect the taxpayer from problems in the world of banking. Here's a look at what we can expect here in the UK, and across the EU.

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The end of free banking? What could the future hold?

1 June 2012

Although the majority of people in the UK don't pay for their current account as long as they're in credit, it seems things could be changing, as increasing numbers of banking customers look at the benefits a paid account could offer.

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