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June 2016

Should you increase your excess on your car insurance?

30 June 2016

We take you through the pros and cons of increasing the excess on your policy.

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The best swimsuit for your body type

29 June 2016

Feel confident on holiday this summer with our guide to the best swimsuits for all figures.

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Why you should read the small print of a travel insurance policy

28 June 2016

Make sure you get the level of cover you need when looking for travel insurance.

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Booking a holiday? Make sure you know how to clear your cookies

27 June 2016

Get the best price for your holiday booking by clearing your cookies.

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Where you can work out for free

26 June 2016

Get fit for free this summer by heading outside!

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Can you pay for Amazon Prime monthly?

25 June 2016

Would you sign up to Amazon Prime if you could pay monthly?

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Lookout for a premium rate number scam

24 June 2016

Don’t pay a premium charge for a free advice service!

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Do you know what your home insurance covers you for?

23 June 2016

Make sure your claims aren’t rejected by checking what your policy covers you for.

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What to wear to a night summer wedding

22 June 2016

The UK weather can be unpredictable – so prepare for all possibilities when heading to an evening summer wedding.

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The thinkmoney Credit Card could help rebuild your credit history

22 June 2016

You can now get a thinkmoney credit card to help rebuild your credit history.

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Saving money on family days out with entertainment memberships

21 June 2016

Visit the same attractions every school break? You could benefit from an annual membership.

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Why you should buy your travel insurance early

20 June 2016

Booked your summer holiday? Make sure you buy your travel insurance soon.

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How to avoid making errors when sending Faster Payments

19 June 2016

It can be tricky to get your money back if you send an electronic payment to the wrong person.

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Why you shouldn’t download WhatsApp Gold

18 June 2016

Scammers are targeting WhatsApp users again – find out how you can stay safe.

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Vodafone customers: why you need to check your bills now

17 June 2016

Complaints about Vodafone have been on the rise – here’s why.

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Finished uni? How to manage your money as a graduate

16 June 2016

Get on top of your finances no matter what your next step as a graduate will be.

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What to wear to a music festival in the rain

15 June 2016

Get prepared for the festival season with our rain-proof fashion tips.

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We're collecting new security information to help keep your accounts secure

15 June 2016

Keeping your account safe is important to us.

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Father’s Day 2016 – best gifts under £15

14 June 2016

Get prepared for this Father’s Day with our budget-friendly gift guide.

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Consumer Contracts Regulations: Your right to cancel

13 June 2016

Find out how long you have to cancel goods or a service that you arrange online.

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Should you pay for extra cover when sending something valuable?

12 June 2016

Spending a little more to cover a valuable item that you send in the post could be a good idea, depending on what your parcel is.

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Will you get a courtesy car through your car insurance?

11 June 2016

If you depend on your car, check that you’re covered for a replacement if you’re in an accident.

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Can you use your thinkmoney card abroad?

10 June 2016

We take you through whether you’ll be able to access your account while abroad.

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Improved Faster Payments are coming later this year

9 June 2016

Later this year, you will be able to send even quicker Faster Payments.

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Consumer Credit Act review: What this means for Section 75

9 June 2016

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act may be under threat.

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Affordable prom dresses under £50

8 June 2016

Looking for the perfect prom dress for your daughter from prom season 2016? Check out our selection of budget-friendly dresses under £50.

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The new plastic £5 note revealed

7 June 2016

You won’t have to worry if you accidentally put the new fiver in the wash!

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Heading to the US? Make sure you have the right passport

6 June 2016

Find out why it’s important to check your passport before attempting to fly to the US.

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Which loyalty schemes really pay out?

5 June 2016

We take a look at which loyalty scheme gives you the best value for money.

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How to get the best return on what you sell on eBay

4 June 2016

We take you through our top tips for getting the best return on your eBay listing.

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Could you get travel insurance with a pre-existing condition?

3 June 2016

You can still get travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

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If you need glasses to drive, do you need to tell your insurer?

2 June 2016

Driving without your glasses is not only dangerous but could also mean your car insurance is invalid.

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Bridesmaid dresses under £50

1 June 2016

Keep your bridesmaids and your budget happy with these stylish bridesmaid dresses.

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