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March 2012

Could your SIM card put you at risk of banking fraud?

30 March 2012

Criminals have been found targeting people's SIM cards to commit banking fraud - as it's revealed that fraud costs the UK around £73 billion every year.

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How the banks use social media

29 March 2012

Would you tweet your bank if you had a problem? Banks aren't taking up social media as quickly as other sectors, according to research - but is there a demand for it?

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Two thirds of UK 'putting off the big decisions'

28 March 2012

New research suggests that people are delaying marriage, buying a house and starting a family during the downturn.

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UK mobile banking app maker expands Stateside

27 March 2012

It seems little can stop the growing popularity of mobile banking, as one British banking app provider buys a similar US company.

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Could you soon give to charity using an ATM?

26 March 2012

Charitable giving via ATMs could become commonplace across the UK by the end of 2012.

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We’ve had the iPhone & iPad. Is iBanking next?

23 March 2012

If technology giant Apple decides to move into banking, it appears that many people would be willing to switch their bank account with them.

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BBA says it was a 'Budget for business'

22 March 2012

We take a look at the response of the BBA to yesterday's Budget, as well as responses from other organizations.

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On Budget day, we ask 'how is your budgeting?'

21 March 2012

On the day of the Budget, we want to make people aware of the budgeting help available with our bank account.

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Faster Payments saw another big jump in 2011

20 March 2012

144 million 'Faster Payments' were made in 2011's final quarter, amounting to more than £76 billion - a steep increase from £46 billion in the same period in 2010.

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Does your bank account help you make the most of your money?

19 March 2012

Research has found that 20% of people keep their savings in a current account that earns very little interest. So what can you do to ensure you're making the most of your money?

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Are we a nation with 'Current Account OCD'?

16 March 2012

New research has revealed that 39% of people check their current account more often now than before the financial downturn.

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Foreign currency 'will be available from cashpoints'

15 March 2012

The UK's largest bureau de change has joined the LINK ATM network, so customers can withdraw foreign currency from LINK cash machines.

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How easy is it to live without an overdraft?

13 March 2012

More than a third of people in the UK have used their overdraft in the last year, and some people are permanently in the red, according to research. But how easy is it to live without using an overdraft at all?

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One in five 'check bank account balance once a day'

12 March 2012

The rise of online and mobile banking means many of us now check our bank balance every day, according to recent research.

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How can banking and social media work together?

9 March 2012

Banks are increasingly turning to social media to improve 'customer engagement'. But how exactly are banks using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to their customers?

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Mobile giants submit mobile payments plan to European Commission

8 March 2012

Three major mobile companies have submitted a joint proposal to the European Commission for a mobile payments system - but Three believes it has been largely excluded from the submission and has raised competition concerns.

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Bank fraud losses hit 10 year low last year

7 March 2012

Debit and credit card fraud, as well as online banking fraud, fell to a ten year low last year, but telephone banking and cheques remain vulnerable to fraud.

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Three years at 0.5%: how has the base rate hit banking?

6 March 2012

It's been three years since the Bank of England dropped interest rates to a record low of 0.5%. Buy just how has this affected banking customers?

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More than a third of couples 'don't have joint bank account'

5 March 2012

Do you share your bank account with your partner? More than a third of couples don't, says new research. But could sharing a bank account help you improve your finances?

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Are people getting the banking options they need?

2 March 2012

With MPs reviewing how the Financial Services Bill will help to ensure people get the financial services they need, what steps could people take to find the most suitable bank account?

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Overdraft rates '40 times the base rate'

1 March 2012

It has never been so expensive to use your overdraft, as the average interest on authorised overdrafts is currently more than the average interest on a credit card.

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