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March 2013

Easter holidays 2013: deals and discounts on popular UK attractions and experiences

28 March 2013

Helen has found some discounts on Easter days out. This list includes some of the most popular attractions and activities in the UK. Whether you're a family, a couple or just a group of friends, you might find a day out for less.

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Budgeting: 8 million don't do it very well (or at all)

25 March 2013

Our research into budgeting revealed that 8 million people either don't tend to budget, or know that it's not something they're good at.

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Helen's Easter Deals: family activities and Easter days out

22 March 2013

We've found a range of Easter deals in 2013 for activities at home and for days out. If you're stuck about what to do with your family this Easter, we've found an Easter activity or deal to suit you.

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The 2013 Budget and what it means for you: the key points in plain English

20 March 2013

This guide will explain all the key points in the Chancellor's 2013 Budget, and explain how these changes could affect ordinary people - like you.

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Helen's Hot Deals 18.03.13 - gadgets, appliances & electricals

18 March 2013

Retailers of electricals, gadgets and appliances routinely have sales and offers throughout the year. This week, Helen's Hot Deals has found some offers that could help you whether you're planning on buying a large appliance or you just fancy treating yourself to a gadget.

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Would minimum alcohol unit prices affect the cost of your favourite tipple?

13 March 2013

It is not yet known whether the government will stick with their plan to introduce a minimum price on alcohol of 45p per unit. Here's what the minimum price of some popular drinks could be if these changes were introduced.

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Doing something funny - at thinkmoney!

11 March 2013

Red Nose Day is your chance to make a real difference to people's lives - and over 150 Think Money Group volunteers will be manning the phones all evening to take donations from kind-hearted people all over the UK.

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Car commuters vs rail commuters - who pays more?

6 March 2013

We compared the cost of commuting by car with commuting by train - and found that despite sharp increases in rail fares, commuting by car still costs significantly more.

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What's been going wrong in the payday loans industry? A simple guide

6 March 2013

The Office of Fair Trading has found a few problems with some payday lenders - from the way they advertise to the way they collect debts. The lenders have been given time to sort these issues out. This guide explains more.

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Helen's Mother's Day restaurant deals - wine and dine mum for less

5 March 2013

Spend a bit of time with your mum this Mother's Day with the help of Helen's Hot Deals. We've found some restaurants doing Mother's Day offers.

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Helen's Mother's Day Deals - 30 thoughtful gift ideas to suit a range of mums (and budgets!)

1 March 2013

No matter what your mum is into, you could find a gift that's right for her in this week's hot deals. Gift ideas for mums who love a laugh, adrenaline junkie mums, mums who adore being pampered and lots more.

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