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March 2014

Learn more about the new tax-free NISAs

28 March 2014

The introduction of NISAs was announced in this year’s Budget. So, what does this mean for savers?

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Adult numeracy skills in the UK are costing the economy £20bn

27 March 2014

Poor adult numeracy skills are costing the economy £20bn – and that’s not all. Household budgets could also prove difficult for Brits who struggle with maths.

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Deals to melt your mum's heart this Mother's Day

26 March 2014

If you've not bagged your mum the perfect gift for Mother's Day this Sunday - don’t panic! There's still time to treat her to something special. Check out our deals for inspiration.

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Five years of low rates – but how much longer?

25 March 2014

Low interest rates are good news for borrowers – but there are ways to prepare so you don’t lose out when they rise too.

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Half of Brits get help with the household chores

24 March 2014

Window cleaners, handymen and cleaners – where would we be without them? It’s a question half of adults in the UK can’t answer.

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Minimum wage in the UK will rise to £6.50 an hour

21 March 2014

Employees on minimum wage in the UK will receive a pay rise from October, with their hourly pay rising to £6.50.

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The Budget: 5 things you didn’t know

20 March 2014

Budget day is one of the longest and proudest days in UK political history, but there’s a lot about it you might not know.

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More first-time buyers now have access to mortgages – so could this be the year they buy?

19 March 2014

Although more lenders are lending to people with small deposits, house prices continue to rise – so is it any easier for first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder?

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The cost of running a home has soared

17 March 2014

As the cost of running the home rises, consumers admit they’re struggling to pay their bills on time.

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It’s 25 years since the idea of the World Wide Web was first proposed.

13 March 2014

It’s hard to believe, but the World Wide Web is just 25 years old this week. In that time, it’s changed our lives and made multitasking easy.

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Is average price of UK home just too far out of reach?

12 March 2014

The average UK home is now valued at £250,000, which is close to the 3% stamp duty threshold. This could add thousands to a buyer’s bill.

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Lucky kids get pocket money as young as aged three

11 March 2014

Giving your kids pocket money teaches them the basics of budgeting and money management.

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Is it worth opening a cash ISA at the end of the tax year?

10 March 2014

With April 5th marking the end of the current tax year, we explain why it’s still worth considering opening a cash ISA.

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Workplace pensions – are you signed up?

7 March 2014

Workplaces across the UK are introducing pension auto-enrolment – but what do you know about it and should you stay a part of it?

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Keeping up to date with your credit record

6 March 2014

Your credit record can affect how financial services providers see you, so it’s important you keep up to date with it.

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Are bank charges pushing you into an unauthorised overdraft?

5 March 2014

hen you’ve just missed a direct debit, receiving a penalty charge from your bank that pushes you into an unauthorised overdraft could make a bad situation worse

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Pancake Day: Flip your own to make your cash go further

4 March 2014

We share our favourite Pancake Day recipes. Make your own and you could save money AND end up with tastier pancakes.

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Top 10 money superstitions

3 March 2014

If you thought money was just for spending, you couldn’t be more wrong. Read our top 10 money superstitions.

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